Boarding schools in Switzerland

When choosing a secondary education in Switzerland for their child, many parents consider the best boarding schools, where students live right on campus. There are many reasons for this decision: from the prestige of such schools, which are often at the top of international rankings, to the high level of safety and comfort offered to students. Boarding schools in Switzerland offer many directions and opportunities for the child’s development, because their goal is not only the successful completion of the school program, but also the creative and physical development of their charges. Education in the leading international boarding schools in Switzerland is, above all, an opportunity for a child to discover and develop their talents and an excellent contribution to their future career prospects.

Undoubtedly, the most convenient option for both children and parents is the opportunity to live in a residence. This is confirmed by the statistics showing the share of foreign students studying in Swiss private boarding schools – it is about 98%. Compared to British private schools, where only 10-20% of places are reserved for foreigners, Swiss schools boast a greater internationality.


The prestige of private boarding schools

Studying at one of Switzerland’s top boarding schools not only guarantees students a high level of education and a varied development, but also guarantees them a trouble-free entrance to the best universities in Switzerland and around the world, and a high chance of obtaining a well-paid job. Employers from around the world value Swiss private high school graduates for their breadth and depth of knowledge, high performance, discipline and perseverance.

high quality secondary education

Private boarding schools in Switzerland are synonymous with top-quality education, since the curricula for teenagers are designed to be as effective and engaging as possible. In addition, modern teaching methods, using the latest technology and equipment, are actively implemented in the educational process.

Individual attention to each student

Private boarding schools in Switzerland are focused on the development of personality, talents and aptitudes of each child, so each student needs a special approach. Classes in boarding schools are usually small in size (the ratio of students to teachers does not exceed 13:1, and additional classes are often held in groups of 2-5), which allows teachers to pay more attention to each student individually, carefully monitor his successes and failures, and give pedagogical advice. This allows schools to create an almost family-like atmosphere. Classrooms in boarding schools in Switzerland are usually closely-knit, not only because of their small size, but also because the students live in the same neighborhood and therefore can spend extracurricular time together. In addition, the total number of students in boarding schools usually does not exceed 100.


If a child attends a boarding high school, he or she spends almost all of his or her time on campus, which is under 24-hour security, and going off campus is often not possible without an escort from teachers or educators. This means that parents do not have to worry about his journey to and from school and his free time. Prestigious boarding schools value their image and can do no wrong, so they are very attentive to the health and well-being of each student. There is always a medical office on boarding school grounds in case of emergencies.

Independence and Discipline

Although students in boarding schools in Switzerland are constantly supervised by teachers, they do not follow their students’ every move. Children learn to keep their own rooms tidy, take care of their appearance, and plan their time away from school. The flexibility of the curriculum also allows students to create their own curriculum and prioritize their studies based on where they want to go in the future. Students are taught to respect their elders and to observe strict discipline, the violation of which can even lead to expulsion. In practice, German schools and co-educational schools are stricter than French schools and co-educational schools, so you should take this into account when choosing the right school.

Full package of services

At boarding schools in Switzerland, your child will be provided with everything he or she needs for a comfortable living and studying experience. The tuition fee includes accommodation in comfortable, modernly furnished rooms, usually designed for two students, a full 3 or 4 meals a day, equipped study areas, medical services (if necessary), and campus security. In addition to all of the above, the most active students are offered a wide range of extracurricular activities and sports courses, which can also be attended without leaving the school grounds. In summary, boarding schools in Switzerland are a place that combines all the positive aspects of a Swiss secondary education.

High-quality facilities

Private boarding schools abroad, and especially in Switzerland, do not skimp on spending money to make learning as convenient and efficient as possible for both students and teachers. Classrooms in the most prestigious private schools are equipped with the latest technology: they have interactive whiteboards, computers for each student and all the necessary devices for practical classes. Electronic record-keeping systems, such as electronic journals and electronic diaries, allow school administrators and teachers to reduce unnecessary paperwork, while electronic libraries and multimedia centers give students access to all the information they need to prepare.


It is expected that the cost of tuition at a residential school on campus will be higher than at a similar day school because it includes the cost of housing, food, and student safety. The cost usually ranges from CHF 70,000 to CHF 120,000 per year. You can find all the information you need about tuition costs at various private schools on their  websites. For comparison.