How to Create an Easy to Clean House

Cleaning a house seems like an ongoing challenge and you are always trying to keep on top of it. But what if you could create a home that makes it easier for you. It will save time and save money as you won’t be buying cleaning products as often. This blog was written by Me and My Glass so you can have a clean house quicker. They have provided small ideas that provide a big impact.


Let’s start with the floor. This surface collects dirt the fastest. So ideally you want a surface that reduces and hides dirt. Having white highlights dirt more than other colours. If you choose this colour you will be constantly cleaning the floor. Laminate and hardwood flooring are great for rooms that you enter such as utility rooms and hallways. These areas tend to have the most footfall so you want a durable material that can easily be cleaned by a sweeping brush and mop. We would recommend carpets in bedrooms and living rooms as in these areas you don’t have your shoes on. Dirt can spread throughout the house via what’s underneath your shoe. 

Glass can help

Glass has a range of purposes including being an easy material to clean. The type of glass used throughout the home is called safety glass. So when it shatters it breaks into tiny little pieces rather than huge shards. To make your home easy to clean use glass in a range of places including TV stands, coffee tables, shower screens and even your splashback in your kitchen. Most houses will have tiles as their splashback but the grout lines can be hard to clean as grease and dirt can be difficult to get off.


A sofa is where you spend a lot of time. Having a comfortable sofa is vital but having an easy to clean sofa is even more important. You spend time eating and drinking on your sofa. You could spill drinks and snacks at any time. 

Upholstery isn’t created equal, as far as ease of cleaning is concerned. Go for upholstery that’s stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Leather and faux leather upholstery have a classy, sophisticated feel, but many people with kids love it because of how easy it is to wipe spills off of it. A dark colour would be ideal to choose from. In terms of material, leather upholstery is a material that can wipe strains easily and quickly.


Storage space makes it easy for you to tidy up quickly and efficiently. Installing storage units and boxes can make tidying toys and mess. We would recommend having your storage solution next to places where places get messy and untidy regularly. See if you can find storage places close by. 


Overtime walls can get messy. This can be from just general wear and term. Or sometimes it can be from children writing all over the wall! Make sure your walls can be cleanable such as buying paint or wallpaper that you can wipe marks and dirt easily.

Dark grout

When fitting your bathroom tiles make sure you use a dark grout rather than a white grout. Using the shower can make the grout dirty. This is because mould and dirt get trapped and can become visible. With dark grout, the dirt and mould aren’t as visible so less cleaning.