Important things to consider when building your dream house

Building your own home is the dream of many and the whole process can be very overwhelming. It involves getting into a lot of new territories, making important decisions that you and your family will have to live with for a really long time.

However, while most people are focusing on primary details of the construction process like looking for right concrete forms for sale and quality materials, a lot of us tend to ignore other important aspects of the house that initially may seem less critical.

Let’s look at some of the most basic and equally significant details to consider when you are taking an exciting adventure of building your dream house.

Closet space

Closet space might be one of the most useful things in your home. If you have a big family, you can’t really have too much closet space. So, make sure you set outlets in several closets. You also might want to consider building a full-size broom cupboard in the laundry room or pantry to store all your cleaning and household items.

You should make space for a walk-in closet in every room and add both double-hung rods and singles. This will be a great addition to your design if you are planning to raise your kids in this home.


It is important that you consider your future needs when finalizing the outdoor space of your house. You might want to make sure you have hose outlets as well as a power connection on all four sides of the house and any high-raised area. You can also set pre-wire for motion sensors for the exterior lights. You can also run conduit through the driveway for your future plumbing and wiring needs.

You can also make arrangements for a keypad entry system for the garage door and set up a gas line for the grill if you enjoy entertaining or hosting BBQ parties. What other amenities you want to prepare for depends on your lifestyle, if you like you can also prepare for an inflatable swimming pool, gardening, play areas, and more.


Few things that you should keep in mind when you are designing and building your kitchen include adding custom shelves and power outlets in the kitchen pantry for appliances or charging something. Depending on the size of your family, you might want to include wide islands in the pantry with cabinets on both sides, the extra space will be great when your family increases.

To take your kitchen design to next level you can also include custom storage cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, along with a warming drawer in the dining room. You can also set pantry light on motion sensor and make an entrance for pantry near kitchen and garage. You can also build in customized space for a microwave, freezer, and other kitchen appliances.

Plumbing and electrical

If this is your first experience building a house and if you are hands-on looking after the construction project, you must be familiar with technicalities like electrical and plumbing. Otherwise, you will be left with more issues than you can probably handle. A few tips that help you include:

  • Set up wire and get your roof ready for the future solar panels.
  • Make sure you set up the security system and cameras that you want to include in the house in advance.
  • You must also add separate outlets fixed at waist height in the garage and kitchen to plug in tools and appliances. You will also need separate circuits and outlets for the TV and A/V equipment.
  • Make sure you include a drainage system in the garage, so you can get rid of excess water when washing the vehicles or from rain and snow.
  • Wire the generator to all essential areas in advance to avoid additional costs later.
  • If you plan to fix the music system and speakers inside or outside the house, you can also pre-wire them, and also set up iPad controllers in the walls to manage the home music system.


Making sure you have the correct lights around the house may seem basic but it can completely change the vibe of your home. Some tips to remember when working on the lighting in your house include setting up solar tubes in spaces that don’t get sunlight. You might want to set the lights in cabinets and outside on timers or motion sensors. It might be a good idea to have your master switch that controls all lights within the interior and exterior of the house in the master bedroom. Lastly, make sure to check all remotes that control the ceiling fan before the construction project is complete.

Master bedroom 

Firstly, make sure when you design the master bedroom you consider your present and future needs in mind. You might want to consider the close space you are going to need, what amenities you would like to add to your bathroom, whether you would like a nursery attached to the master bedroom, and if you like a small study or work area within the room.

Few other basic technical aspects to consider may include having four power outlets near the bed on other sides. A light switch located at the head of your bed may be useful so that you can easily turn off the light.


Building your dream house can be very challenging, particularly making sure you don’t miss out on any important detail in the house. However, some the other aspects of your house that you might want to consider when building the house include:

  • Set up soundproofing where needed.
  • Add an inside switch to open and close the garage door.
  • Include an elevator shaft in the design in case you would like to install one later on, till then you can use it as extra storage space.
  • Make sure to set up receptacles for fire extinguishers.
  • If you own any pets or plan of adopting them, make sure you have a specific place for cat’s litter box, dog’s crates, dogs to bathe, and to store their food.