Ryan Jacob CAE

Ryan Jacob CAE is a college student at the University of California pursuing a Chemical Engineering Degree with a focus on Clean Air Engineering. In addition to being a student he is also a lover of sports such as the NFL and the NBA. Ryan’s favorite teams are the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers.

Speaking of sports, the Golden State Warriors have graced the sports news sections for all the right reasons. The team has enjoyed tremendous success in the NBA, clinching numerous awards over the years. The Warriors have been nominated for the prestigious Sports Team of The Year award in the last four out of five years, winning it twice in 2014 and 2016. In addition to winning the 2017 NBA championship, the second time in just three years, the team also won 5 awards (all-league high) at the 2018 Sales and Marketing meetings in January.

Going over to the world of Football, the San Francisco 49ers are headed for a great season. With arguably the most promising quarterback on their side, the team’s prospects are very high. After signing a five-year contract with the team, Jimmy Garoppolo is set to change everything. Only time will tell how the season will pan out for the 49ers. The team ended their 2017 season on a high note, winning five straight games. With several talented starters on defense and a great team overall, the team is projected to rise in ranks this season.

Well, clean air is everyone’s business. Ryan Jacob chose the path to clean Air Engineering for various reasons. According to various research findings, waste and pollution are just a few of the rapidly growing environmental problems facing society today. Clean Air Engineering aims to solve some of these problems to create a safer, healthier and more sustainable environment.

Clean air Engineers design systems, processes and equipment for air and the remediation of contaminated air. The work involves developing strategies to reduce pollution at the source and also treat wastes that cannot be eliminated. Applying their expertise in chemistry and engineering, they calculate the impact of human activity on their air, especially in industrial environments and seeks to design methods for sustainable environments, conservation, protection and if necessary, reparations.

Ryan Jacob CAE is working towards providing economical answers to air pollution. Another huge role of Clean Air Engineers is to reduce the strain on natural materials through more efficient processing, synthetic replacements and new recycling technologies. It is common for Clean Air Engineers to work closely with environmental scientists, planners, structural/civil engineers, hazardous waste management technicians and other engineering specialists as well as bankers and lawyers.

The profession involves working on both large and small-scale projects. For instance, some may be involved in publishing hazardous waste management studies and design industrial clean air systems while others deal with global issues such as automobile emissions, politics as well as minimizing the effects of industrial air pollution to improve the overall quality of life. The ever-growing number of environmental concerns and challenges continue to increase the demand for clean air engineers.