What you can learn from Jeff Lucient’s success as a businessman


If you’re interested in learning how to succeed as a businessman or woman, simply continue reading to discover how you can emulate the success of Jeff Lucient MN. Who is the CEO and president of the Lucient Automotive Group.

What you can learn from Jeff Lucient’s success as a businessman:

  1. It’s well worth investing in your education

If you’re deciding whether or not it’s worth pursuing higher education such as a college degree, from a highly respected college, it’s well worth following Jeff Lucient’s example and setting yourself a goal of graduating from your chosen college in the next few years. If you’re curious Jeffrey W. Lucient is an alumni of Hamline College, which is located in Minnesota. Which he attended after enjoying a successful high school career as a star athlete and honor’s student.

Why is it worth pursuing a college degree? While studying for a business or management degree, you’ll be given access to invaluable tips on how to manage a business and to effectively inspire staff.

  1. Get as much experience as a manager under your belt as possible

It’s a wise idea to learn as much as you can about managing and leading a business by working as a manager for someone else’s business. As that way, you’ll be able to avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to operating your own business in the future.

When Jeff Lucient MN, who is the current CEO of the Lucient Minneapolis Automotive Group first graduated from Hamline College, he chose not to work for his father’s business. Instead, Lucient decided to wisely spend the next 10 years pursuing management positions at a wide variety of large corporations.

As while Jeffrey Lucient could have asked his father Jim for the reigns of the Lucient Automotive Group straight out of college, Jeffrey knew that in order to expand his family’s business, he would first need to acquire a decent amount of hands-on experience as a manager.

  1. Make sure that you always have new goals for your business

Since Jeff Lucient has accepted the role of CEO and president of the Lucient Automotive Group, his family’s company now boasts over 8 car dealerships. Which is proof that Jeff has succeeded in his important role. Perhaps one of the reasons why Jeffrey’s family business has thrived under his direction is that Jeffrey never rests on his laurels and always makes sure that he has well thought out short term and long term goals for the Lucient Automotive Group.

So if you’re determined to emulate Jeffrey Lucient’s incredible success as a businessman it’s well worth ensuring that each time that your business meets one of your business goals, that your replace the goal which you’ve achieved with a brand new goal. As no matter how successful your business is, there is always room for growth and improvements.

Hopefully, after reading the above tips, you’ll be able to follow in Jeffrey W. Lucient’s footsteps and will be able to build a wildly successful career as a businessman or woman. Just as Jeffrey managed to prepare to be charged with the responsibility of running his father Jim’s automotive business!