Launching a startup? 7 Marketing Ideas You Must Adhere

Your business is your pride and joy, your hopes and dreams, your future all wrapped into one big ball of excitement. Besides paying expensive marketing agency’s to.launch your business there are easy ways to put your product in front of the most qualified customers. Here are 7 ideas that are proven to build your business. Establish a comfortable routine and in time your business will grow with unlimited potential.



An easy and fun way to market your product or business is by vlogging, or video blogging about a specific product, benefit or exciting news or promotion. In order to create a successful vlog, it is helpful to write down key points that you want to share so you don’t stumble through your presentation. Pic an area that is clutter-free to set up company product displays. An area that is quiet and free of distractions with good lighting is a must. Use a camera or cell phone to record your vlog. You can upload your vlog to Youtube, social media platforms and blog channels. Share your vlog on social media so others can share it as well.

Attend events

In order to grow your business quickly, you need to get your company or product in front of as many people as possible. A great way to do this is by attending local events such as Chamber of Commerce meetings, local arts and crafts shows or farmers markets. Be prepared to put your best face forward by bringing products, company information and marketing materials such as fliers and business cards with you. 


The internet is a sea of wealth and millions of people surf daily looking for solutions to a problem, or for a particular product. Take some time and find forums that fit your business brand. Listen to what members of the forum are discussing, but only offer your service if it fits a need of the group. It is not uncommon to get banned from a forum by spamming members when your solution isn’t needed. Forums are also a great way to get a list going for your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing

This type of marketing is most likely one of the easiest ways to find new customers, and when done correctly retains current customers as well. A great way to build your list is by offering a special promotion, a free item or discount for those that sign up for your email list. Add an additional offer for those willing to refer a qualified lead. Most people are pressed for time so remember to only send 1 or 2 email campaigns per month. You probably have plans to grow your business as fast as you can, but might be struggling with one small detail in order to enhance your direct marketing.

Business cards

A company business card is the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Anytime you go somewhere, take your business cards and leave one behind. Offer a card to anyone you talk to and don’t be afraid to tell them to share the card. You probably didn’t realize it but you could reach potential new customers just by paying your monthly bills. Each time you mail a payment, slip a business card in the envelope. Travelling away from home is another great way to reach new customers. When you stay at hotels, leave a small stack of cards at the front desk and slip one in the desk drawer in your room.


Blogs are a great way to get your business in front of millions of prospective customers. The trick to successful blogging is to keep it simple, focused and on topic. A good way to keep your blog working well is to brainstorm a list of topics that relate to your business. After you have created a list, make a commitment to creating a post on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. The use of keywords, or words that relate to a specific topic, help customers find your blog easier.

Update platforms

Marketing trends change every year, and what worked before might not work as well now. Do your research and find companies with a similar brand as you, then practice some of their techniques. Pay close attention to what their blog looks like and compare it to yours. Clean up and update your social media accounts as well. 


These marketing ideas work for any type of business but must be practised daily if you want to see a return in the form of growth for your company. A few other ways to grow your business include the use of window decals, bumper stickers, pens/]pencils, travel mugs or any other handy idea you could think of. It is also important to remember that you chose your business, it is up to you to use your resources and creativity to make it flourish.