Key Qualities of Great Business Leaders


What makes someone like Mark Leder such a successful business leader? Is there a certain style of doing business that he follows and does he have a list of things he always implements. The great leaders may have different styles and ways they go about executing their visions, but they share a common set of general business approaches and the way they view getting to success. Here are some of the qualities and characteristics that make them successful.

Their End Goal is Always to Get Things Done

Great business leaders have to accomplish things. This is the driving force that keeps them pushing when others have fallen to the wayside. In their minds, without accomplishing their goals, there is nothing to really talk about. Everything is built and revolves around this agenda. You can often find them so wrapped up in their goals that they may forget to eat or even comb their hair, but ask them a question relating to their goal and they can answer in their sleep. Not all great leaders plan well, but they all execute well.

They also realize that when they set goals, they will be inviting strong head winds because if it was easy, it would have been done already. So they know there will be resistance, non-believers, haters and those Hell bent on not letting things happen. They build this into their approach and then make it happen in spite of the resistance.

They Have an Infectious Type of Passion

Passion is defined as a very strong feeling about a person or thing. It is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. This is a necessary quality for any business leader to possess. But for top business leaders, they must have much more. They must the type of passion that creates passion in others.

When a leader possesses this type of passion, it takes over the company and injects a sense of purpose in everyone involved in what the company is doing. When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he brought with him a vision for a company where only skill and passion was recognized and promoted. He wanted people to fall in love with what they were doing to the point that it felt natural for them to forsake other things to come to work. Because his passion instilled this feeling in everyone around him he did not have to constantly remind people to work harder and longer for their goals. They did it of their own accord. This type of passion is a special quality and what makes a good business leader great.

They Trust themselves

All good businessmen know that the foundation of every good business is the data collected before, during, and after the launch of a product or service. This data is critical in determining what to sell, when, and to whom, and smart companies have strong data collection and reading mechanisms in place to ensure the data continues to flow upstream. But this type of data, although important in getting you into the game, is available to all businesses and so it alone cannot move a business past the competition for any length of time. What is required is for a business to excel is for its leader to have strong gut instincts and the intestinal fortitude to trust their judgment when it does not necessarily have the support of data. All great business leaders will tell you of calls they made using only their own judgment and this call being one that made the difference. This trusting your gut is a key quality in extraordinary success and all great business leaders know how to use it effectively.

Trust these tips and it will make you a better and more effective leader.