Improving your LinkedIn profile: how to make it happen


Tired of getting nowhere with your career? Do you have a LinkedIn account? If not, catch up to 2017 and connect with the employers, colleagues, and potential business partners who are waiting to meet you online.

Most notably, employers who are growing rapidly are heavily involved on this social media platform; by not taking LinkedIn SEO seriously, you are handicapping your upward mobility.

Take the example of Hans Eckhardt. In the past few years, he joined LinkedIn and used it to turn his life around. Leaving a job that wasn’t serving him, he was able to find a role he excelled in, allowing him to claim a high-ranking position in his field.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how you can improve your LinkedIn profile so that you can achieve better results in whichever part of the working world you reside.

1) Sharpen up your profile

Many things have changed about the world of work, but achieving a killer first impression is still vitally important.

If anything, its more important than it ever has been, thanks to the massive amount of information available on the web.

Ensure your photo looks great by dressing up and having a professional head shot taken. This will cost you a bit of money, but it will be worth it when most of your competition submits unprofessional digital camera shots of themselves in casual wear.

When discussing your history of employment, your skills, and aspects of your life that is relevant to your professional identity, use language that is concise and easy to read.

Jargon should be avoided, but if a large amount of visitors to your profile will understand it, some is acceptable – just don’t go overboard.

Keep all info on your profile up to date, as going months without touching your profile means you will be falling behind others in your field.

2) Put up blog posts on a regular basis

LinkedIn allows you to publish articles on your profile, giving this platform a huge advantage over traditional job-seeking tools like cover letters and resumes.

By giving people an outlet to express themselves, they can distinguish themselves from others in their community.

If you can show companies and other influential people in your space what you know about the issues affecting it and the world, the possibilities for networking and relationships down the road are endless.

By allowing you to inject some personality into your profile, LinkedIn is giving you the opportunity to build your personal brand, which is one of the most important things that any person working these days can do to improve their life.

If you seize this opportunity, you’ll be able to paint a picture to yourself that will influence negotiations or an interview, which may increase your chances of success in either situation.

3) Make sure people know your best skills and accomplishments

LinkedIn also allows you to show your visitors whatever skills you have, giving them an idea of whether you would be a good fit for their plans.

Friends can speak well of your specific strengths by recommending you, giving you further credibility to those considering your suitability.

Try to garner recommendations from those who LinkedIn has highlighted as a trusted authority in their line of work, as getting one from them carries a greater weight.

Also, place the skills which you feel are the best at the top, as this platform now allows you do this.

Doing this can attract attention from the right people – whether they are a specific company or a potential business figure who would make a great business associate.