Why Are Copper Nails Sold At Hardware Stores?

As you walk down the isle at hardware stores you surely see copper nails but do you know what they are actually used for? Not many people buy copper nails but you should know that they are nifty and can be utilized for various different things. This is exactly what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs so that you fully understand why the copper nails are available at most hardware stores.

Copper Nails Types And What They Are Now Used For

The two most common types of copper nails are copper annular ring clout nails and clout nails. The other types include slates, disk rivets, straps and copper pins. The copper annular rings and clouts are mainly used for roofing materials like tiles and for slates. You can find them available in numerous sizes because of the fact that every homeowner requires a different clout type for a different project. In most situations you use the copper nails simply because local building regulations do not allow the use of the galvanized nails for some roofing types, like slate. Galvanized nails are not going to last in the coastal regions.

The copper clouts are offering a higher longevity than the other nail types. At the same type, the copper nail will be easier to use. You can so easily pull it out and protection is not lost. The galvanized nail will quickly corrode, which can lead to various problems, like having roof slates slide off your roof. Copper nails are renowned for their high endurance, which will make the roof last much longer.

You can also find copper pins at the hardware store. These are mainly used for decorating, like with crafting applications. Normally, they are short and of a perfect size to meet decorating needs. They have a really long life and will match various possible home projects. The only problem is that you can only use them for the indoors.

In the hardware store you can find disk rivets, which are quite exclusively used for roofing. When your home has slates or fibre cement tiles, you should know that they are really good for rooftop securing. The fibre cement tiles are easier to use than the traditional slates since they can so easily be replaced. Copper nails make this job really easy.

Basically, whenever you need to buy a very good nail that you will use for roof work or decorating, the copper nail is something that has to be considered. You will quickly figure out the fact that they are available at close to all the hardware stores. They are even sold on the internet these days. You can easily afford them due to the really low attached price tag so your renovation or construction budget will not be negatively impacted.

To sum up, copper nails have specific uses but you should be aware of the fact that quality can differ from one manufacturer to the next. It is really important that you buy just the highest quality nails so your projects will go as smoothly as possible.