Smart Ways to Organize and Upgrade Your Garage

We always seem to have a lack storage space in our garage, this is mostly due to the fact that we simply pile items one a top of the other and then say that we are going to organise everything at one point in the future. This goes on and on until we are forced to face the unbelievable clutter of our own making. Not storing certain item properly can lead to their deterioration, and so proper garage organization is more of a necessity than an obligation. Here are some smart and easy-to-follow tips that can really help you transform and upgrade your garage organization.

Use every inch of the available space

Start by installing a ceiling storage system. This is a great use of space and you can store items that you don’t use as much. It is an inexpensive option that you can do yourself, if time permits. Another great space usage tip is a wall-mounted workbench. If you prefer to have a workstation in your garage, but you are not about to use it each and every day, having one that can be folded is a fantastic use of space. You can open it and close it when your done, thus freeing up additional space and keeping your garage in order. Finally, don’t forget to install wall mounts for such items like garden tools, that way they won’t have to be stuck in a corner somewhere and constantly falling over.

Make sure you know the proper storing techniques for certain items

Not everything can be stored in the same way, there are certain items like tyres that need proper storing methods. When you replace them over the wither or summer months it is important to know how to store tyres properly. Start by giving your tyres a quick wash, and then placing them in tyre bags, that way they will stay protected until it’s time to exchange them again. As for the garage space, placing them on one of the wall mounted shelves will suffice, as long as they are not lying around the garage floor. You should also make sure you store your additional clothes properly. We simply tend to put everything we need in boxes and place them in the garage, a smart thing to do would be to add a moth ball in each box, and to check the garage for moisture as it can really ruin a lot of items, regardless of the storage quality.

Organize your garage into zones

This is a great way of keeping track of what is stored where. You have your work zone, where your mounted workstation and the rest of the tools are safely stored. In the back of the garage it would be wise to hep items you need to get to more often as it is closer to the inside door. You can opt for a shelving construction in combination with plastic boxes so that you can label everything accordingly. The next step would be to have a gardening section, with all the tools and materials, this is of course if your property lacks a garden shed. And finally, make sure you have enough space to park your car safely without a lot of stress. It would be a shame if the clutter in your garage would somehow damage your car.

Don’t forget to tech up

Add some cool tech options that can modernize your garage and keep your home safe. For example install an app on your phone that can monitor your garage door so that you get an alert if it stays open for too long. You can also have one that you can use to open and close your garage and turn the lights on and off. Finally, it would be wise to have a humidity checker, so as to avoid high levels of moisture in your space that could do some permanent damage on the items stored there.

There you have it, your garage is organized, storage system is upgraded and you introduced a bit of modern tech into the mixture. It is time to enjoy the benefits of a clean and declutter garage space.