Top Tips on Preparing For a Long Journey

If you are about to set off on a long road trip, it is very important that you make sure that you are fully prepared for the trip ahead. Long journeys really put pressure on your car, and they can also test the passengers and drivers of the car. With this in mind, it is essential that you put the work in before the journey, to make sure that you can alleviate boredom, and reduce any risk of something going wrong with you vehicle.

Let’s take a look at some of the prep work you should be doing before you go.


Whether you are taking the family away or you are off on a long journey for work, it is important that you have plenty of entertainment to keep you going. In terms of prep work, you should be looking to download songs and put together playlists for the ride, download podcasts to keep you entertained, and if you are taking kids along, you definitely need to look at getting some games and movies for them to play with and watch. If you are off on a family trip, try to remember to put a football or a frisbee in the back too, these could come in handy when you step for a while.

Car Features

There is no telling when a car could break down but it is fair to say that a long distance will really put the vehicle through its paces. With this in mind, here are some areas of the car which you need to get checked before you go.


When it comes to the tyres you need to make sure that you have sufficient tread on each of your tyres before you set off, tyres with too little tread can actually be illegal so they are worth getting checked. Also you need to ensure that your tyres have enough air in them, something which will help the overall stability of the car. The best option is to head along to somewhere like tyre specialists Kwik Fit, and give you tyres the once over.


Your car contains many fluids which help it do its job and you need to ensure that you have checked them all before you go. Fluids like oil, screen wash, power steering fluid and brake fluid can all be checked under the bonnet and they are all essential to the healthy running of your car. If you are n any doubt as to how to check, or refill fluids, consult your manual or take it to a mechanic to get the full once over.


For both your safety and the safety of other road users, it is vital that you make sure that all of your lights are working, including indicators, brake lights, reverse lights and headlights. These are very easy to replace and given the fact that the consequences of a faulty brake light could mean an accident, it is well worth getting them fixed before you go.