Top Dubai Experiences You Should Try

Dubai is definitely one of the most fun places which I have ever been to and in spite of the expense which a trip there entails, the outlay for activities and luxury tours in Dubai, is absolutely worth it. I’ve been back and forth to Dubai around 4 times in the last 5 or 6 years and there is just so much going on there that I still have items to tick off my list of things to do. A few buddies of mine went recently for there first time and they asked me for my favourite activities which I thought they should do, and here they are, hopefully they’ll inspire you too of when you visit this magnificent city.

Cruise Dinner

There are so many different sides to Dubai and one which we wanted to explore was a trip out on the water. We were actually searching for fishing trips in the UAE when we fortunate came across the Alexndra Dhow cruise dinner, an enticing experience which we had to try. The ship itself was beautiful and had a lovely, vintage feel about it, we were lucky enough to be on the upper deck on the warm night and we dined and were entertained under the starry sky. Not only is the food spectacular here, but there are live acts with a singer and a Tanura folk dancer to keep you entertained after dinner.

Ski Dubai

Dubai is incredibly ambitious and this real-snow ski mountain inside the Emirates shopping mall is the perfect testament to that. Within the mall, architects have created a slice of Switzerland where you can ski down an 80 meter mountain. There are 3 runs in total on the mountain, with varying difficulties and there is even a snowboard park with half-pipes and ramps. It is truly surreal to be wrapped up warm, skiing on snow, and then walking out in to the searing midday sun, but that kind of experience is pretty much Dubai in a nutshell.

Burj Khalifa

Often in cities there are experiences which you simply have to do and in Dubai, that experience is to head up to the observation deck of the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa. On the 148th floor is where you’ll find the deck and from there you will have some of the most incredible views of the city which you can find. To really visit the Burj in style, why not book yourself a table in Atmosphere, the world’s tallest restaurant on the 122nd floor of this iconic building.

Jumeriah Beach

Away from the madness of skiing and scaling heights, most of us just want to spend some time, laying on the beach in the sunshine. When in Dubai, the best place to do just that is on Jumeriah Beach, filled with white sand, bustling with life and right in the centre of the city. Dubai’s skyscrapers make for the perfect backdrop to this beach and as you turn around after swimming out to sea, you’ll be greeted by a perfect image of this stunning city.

Have you already been to Dubai? What were your favourite things to do? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.