Top 12 Countries for a Budget Romantic Vacation

Even being on a budget, you can travel as much as you want! It’s just about choosing the right destinations. See where to go for cheap and enjoy love.


1. Bulgaria

Europe is very diverse and full of awesome places. Bulgaria represents the bright culture of its southeastern part impacted by the Ottoman heritage. Check out historical and natural sites to make sure! By the way, if you are keen on Russian brides dating, Bulgaria attracts myriads of ladies annually.

2. Thailand

In general, Southeast Asia belongs to the world’s most affordable regions. Thailand is definitely a must-see country where old meets new. One of the greatest perks of Thailand vacations is that prices for accommodation are surprisingly low and you will have indeed a vast choice

3. Turkey

In fact, the geographical position of this country is a landmark itself: Turkey lies in between Europe and Asia and is washed by three seas. Wonders of art and nature are to be found everywhere throughout its territory – including the amazing city of Istanbul. And local food is absolutely great!


4. Jamaica

The Caribbean is fantastic but, surely, not all its parts are affordable. For our sake, Jamaica has been recognized as one of the cheapest destinations here, especially the islands north coast. Most people know it as home to reggae music yet Jamaica offers many other attractions to see and things to do.

5. Portugal

Too often, Portugal is overlooked by world travelers. But this is actually a worthy rival to much more publicized and costlier Spain. A lovely coastal country literally consists of romantic spots. And, of course, this is where one of the greatest colonial empires was born.

6. Peru

To be honest, I would encourage you to go to Peru even if it wasn’t this affordable. Breathtaking mountain-ocean views, traces of the great Inca civilization (wouldn’t you agree any self-respecting traveler should explore Machu Picchu?) and modern amusements. Nuff said.

7. India

Even if you don’t seek spiritual growth, India will boost your life experience like many, many times. In particular, if you manage to keep away from major tourist routes and rush to explore what stands behind. And yeah, this is gonna be very cheap.

8. Croatia

For those who’d like to pick a cheaper alternative to Italy, nothing can be better than Croatia providing access to real Renaissance towns. More than 1,000 islands of all kinds and the mainland are extremely rich in notable constructions, spa zones, and natural parks.

9. Mexico

Well, I rather mean Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This vast area encompasses very different places: cosmopolitan Merida, festive Cancun, classy Playa del Carmen, and Mayan Ruins, of course. To economize, have a look at Tulum – it is less developed than other spots and considerably cheaper.

10. Puerto Rico

If you to get some Caribbean air at low prices, check out this splendid archipelago – one of the world centers of green tourism. Not to mention it’s culturally rich. Citizens of the USA have special perks as they don’t have to obtain visas.

11. Cambodia

I bet everyone has seen the photos of Angkor Wat, the iconic local site. But there are many more wonderful places, which isn’t surprising because Cambodia is the descendant of the former Khmer Empire. Likewise, you can take up water sports for cheap or just hang out on nice beaches.

12. South Africa

This territory comprises different climate zones populated by unique species so an unexpected riot of colors is waiting for you. Although safari is the very first thing that comes into the mind, you will discover other cool options. Don’t forget about the lively ports, Cape Town and Durban.