More Visits to the Library Is Good for You

Many believe libraries are obsolete in today’s digital world. Studies by the online masters in library science department of the University of Southern California, however, reveal otherwise. In 2010, close to 300 million Americans were still visiting libraries and using the available services. We now have over 17,000 public libraries across the country and 67.4% of them actually store digital books. More importantly, a more frequent visit to the library is actually good for you.

Libraries are among the best affordable comforts you can enjoy today. Aside from vast collections of books, you can also use wireless internet services that are immensely reliable, gain access to audiobooks and even connect with other library users and socialize. There are even libraries with co-working space available, along with extra facilities such as a coffee shop or an entertainment corner.

The Librarians in the Digital Age infographic by University of Southern California has more information on modern libraries. Check out the full infographic and you’ll know why I’m recommending more visits as an affordable comfort.

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