Tips for Staying Safe on a Road Trip

If you want to take a road trip, you might be tempted to be spontaneous. However, a certain amount of planning is required. Whether you’re planning to travel alone, with friends or family, there are some simple safety precautions you need to take before hitting the road. Wherever you might be driving to, you don’t want to spend your time fixing things on the side of the road, and you definitely want to avoid being involved in an accident. Here are some tips that could reduce the chance of any injuries.

Pack an Emergency Kit

A common mistake for many road trip travelers is to leave home without checking the most basic emergency supplies are in the car. Essential items to include in an emergency kit are:

  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Plasters
  • Phone charger
  • Old towel
  • Jump leads
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Warm blankets

Keep all of these items in one place, for example in a backpack or tote bag. Something else you might want to consider it to subscribe to a roadside assistance plan.

Get the Car Checked

It’s vital you check whether your car is in good working order before hitting the road. At the very least, you should have your tires, belts, fluids, battery, and air conditioner checked by a qualified mechanic. Get these checks done a few days before you travel so that you’ve got plenty of time to get any issues fixed.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Driving when you’re tired is very dangerous. It’s not just a lack of sleep that can contribute to drowsy driving. Taking certain medication can also make you feel sleepy.

All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration and you could be involved in a serious road traffic incident. If family or friends are seriously injured by a car accident that is not their fault, speak to professionals who can help make a brain injury claim, if relevant to your case.

Pack Sun Protection

You’ll be surprised how much the sun can affect you when you’re sat in a car. Make sure everyone in the car uses sunblock and wears sunglasses. Never leave children or pets in a hot car, and always check the temperature of the seats before everyone jumps back in following a pit stop.

Brush up on the Basic Car Maintenance Skills

Before undertaking a road trip, brush up on your DIY car maintenance skills. Even if your car has been thoroughly checked before you leave, you can’t predict what will happen on the road. You should be able to change a tire should you get a puncture, add washer fluid and oil. Being able to change your windscreen wipers will also be useful.

One last tip for those of you traveling in a car is to keep an eye on the weather. The weather in the UK has become very unpredictable and you need to be prepared for sun, rain, high winds and fog.