Things to Know Before Visiting Egypt

Egypt is a country which used to be a very common destination for tourism! You have diving spots, beach resorts as well as Ancient Egyptian history. Nowadays, it is safe to say that people visit this country because of its rich history. In fact, at Booty Bingo online site, many players scroll through its huge collection of slots online, to find Egyptian themed games such as Treasures of Egypt. This online machine allows them to discover many mysterious places and secrets in Egypt!

As such, if you are planning to soon visit this magnificent country, you can also try Treasures of Egypt Slot. It does not only make you want to travel there as soon as possible, but it equally gives you an overview of what to expect! So, without wasting a single minute, let’s take a look at the things you need to know before visiting the great Egypt!

Visa is Needed to Enter

Depending where your passport is from, you’ll most possibly need a visa to land in Egypt! The good thing is that you can purchase one at the airport. From there, they’ll get a sticker in your passport. There is also an immigration form, that you’ll need to fill before entering the country. This form is equally offered upon arrival at the airport!

Currency – Egyptian Pounds

The local currency there is undoubtedly the Egyptian pound (EGP). You can get cash from the ATM or exchange it there. The best tip here is to wait until you have good exchange rates. In such instances, you can check it the day before you arrive! You can also use euros or dollars in a lot of places. You need to remember, though, that it will perhaps be inexpensive to purchase items in the local currency!

Culture in Egypt is a Tip Giving Culture

One thing you’ll probably notice there, is that everything someone does for you, they will ask and expect for a tip or money! For instances, staff in restaurant, hotel or even on the streets. However, it doesn’t have to be a lot. Just remember to bring extra money with you due to the extras and tips you’ll give to strangers on your trip!

Bargain Culture

Egypt, like many countries around the world, also has a bargain culture! On a positive side, bargaining is essential. If you really want to save money, you have to bargain on every little thing you buy! The best tip is to show the sellers that you’re not interested with their items. If they ask you how much you are willing to give, just say half the price!

Tourism Still has a Large Part in the Economy of Egypt

Plenty of people over there still rely on tourism to make their day. You’ll notice that at every big sightseeing spot, there is a street with lot of shops at the entrance. You may find mainly handmade carpets, alabaster stones, papyrus, essences and oils, etc…! What’s nice is that they’ll always show you hospitality by providing coffee or tea, or something else to drink!

Hopefully, the above points might be helpful if you are soon visiting Egypt. Also, with so many pyramids over there, you’ll find your journey truly worthwhile. There is so much to discover in this country with a very rich history!