The Unique Tourist Attractions of Indonesia

Indonesia is a prime tourist destination. Tourist go there in the millions to enjoy the culture, the people, the geography, the nightlife and the numerous opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

Indonesia is a country with a rich history and a similarly rich naturally environment that both fascinates and enlightens.

A country of numerous islands, due to its strategic location where it is surrounded by both the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is divided into several provinces and each has a unique feature that is its pride and major attraction. It has a very large population and numerous religions that co-exist. In the light of all these factors, it is a symbol of unity brought together by its rich history of trade, immigration and a successful uprising against colonialism.

With all these endearing factors, it is not surprising that millions of people want to visit or live in Indonesia. A major reason that Indonesia is tourist pulling country, is that it in addition to its beauty it also hosts numerous 5 star hotels.

One of the most popular hotel Indonesia Jakarta is the towering Ayana Midplaza Jakarta. A magnificent hotel, strategically located within 45 minutes of the airport in the busy trading district of Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta.

Targeted at the discerning and busy business traveler, it offers comfort, elegance, luxury and relaxation to the business person and the tourists as well. It is a home away from home and an ideal residence to attend to business and to leisure.

In addition to its numerous 5 star hotels, here are other distinctive and uniquely Indonesian features that attract tourists to the country.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As testament to its natural beauty, Indonesia has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, there are other several sites that the government of Indonesia suggests that can be added to the list of heritage sites.

The most unique of these sites in Indonesia is the Komodo National Park. This national park holds a few thousand Komodo. They are large lizards that are highly aggressive and this named Komodo Dragons. In addition, they are natives of Indonesia and cannot be found in any other country in the world.

Another unique heritage site found in Indonesia is the Borobudur Temple compound. The Borobudur temple dates back to the 8th or 9th century and is one of the largest Buddhist temple in the world. IT is an architectural wonder and a must visit site for tourists staying at the numerous hotels Indonesia Jakarta.

Unique landscapes

Indonesia has significantly unique landscapes. The landscape of Bali province is one of its listed world heritage sites. This landscape of about 19,000 ha dates back to the 9th century. It consists of five rice terraces and their water temple that is made up of a system of canals and is a representative of the traditional way of the Indonesians cooperative water management stem known as subak.

Another unique landscape that is a must see when you visit Indonesia is the Lorentz National Park.  Consisting of approximately 25,000km it is among the largest protected areas in the world. Its uniqueness lies in its landscape. It consists of over six hundred bird species and over one hundred mammal species. In addition, it is considered as one of the most ecologically diverse areas. This is because it has snowcapped mountains, marine areas, equatorial glaciers, mangroves and fresh water swamp forests. It is also listed as a world heritage site.

Beautiful coastline

Indonesia has one of the longest coastlines in the world stretching for over 54,000 km. This provides tourists with lots of beaches to enjoy to enjoy the sun and sand as they reside in the luxurious, 5 star hotel Indonesia Jakarta. In addition, the Indonesian coastline provides tourists with ample opportunities for water sports, surfing, and deep sea diving and snorkeling in the clear sparkling blue ocean waters. Along the coastline are villages and native Indonesian culture to see and learn more about.