How to Expand Your Business into Indonesia with a Virtual Office


The beautiful island paradise of Indonesia gets a lot of attention. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. It’s also fast becoming a hub for tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers. If you’re already thinking about bringing a business here, you probably know a little about its corporate culture.

Indonesia is a wonderfully warm and friendly place. It has a population of 261 million. This makes it the third biggest market in Asia, beaten only by China and India in terms of commercial potential. So, if you can get the formula right, there’s a lot of money and success to be had in a place like the capital city, Jakarta.

With a virtual office for support, you can spend time researching and preparing at minimal cost to the business. Visit to find out more.

Getting to Grips with Virtual

There’s a good reason why virtual offices are so helpful for expansion. Essentially, they give you all the tools you need to run a business, but in a ‘cloud’ form. There is no physical workspace, where you go to access equipment and use computers.

Instead, you use a smartphone, laptop, or any other mobile device to ‘log in’ to a central system and access resources remotely. It’s kind of like having a mini office in your pocket. Your company phone line and mailbox are grounded at a real address, but you utilise them by talking with the administrative staff onsite.

Why Virtual Is Great for Growing

Think about it. What would be the safest, most affordable way to scout out an overseas market? Twenty years ago, the only option would be to find a short hold lease and work from a private office. This is no easy task, as many landlords are uninterested in short-term tenants.

Even today, businesses end up paying for longer leases than necessary when planning international expansions. With virtual offices, you are in control. As you’re not renting a private space, there are no rigid contracts. You can use the resources for precisely as long as you need them.

The Best Way to Stay Mobile

The lack of physical space is a big benefit in this scenario, rather than any kind of disadvantage. It is a great way to stay mobile. In order to decide if Indonesia is right for you, it’s necessary to get a feel for the corporate culture.

This might include lots of travelling in and around the big cities. It’s likely to involve networking with people from different parts of the country. With a virtual office, there’s nothing to tie you down to one location. You can move around, build up a buzz, and take a virtual workspace with you.

Building a Global Empire

One of the best things about working with a top-rated virtual vendor is the fact these organisations are, themselves, global entities. Many of the most iconic providers operate vast international networks, with virtual facilities all around the world.

The secret to affordable, stress-free expansions is to find a vendor that is happy to share this network with their tenants. Many allow registered members to connect with virtual offices overseas. You don’t have to sign up or pay for a package at each facility you use.

How to Expand without Breaking the Bank

The right way to expand into a region like Indonesia is with care and caution. Try to keep an eye on expenses and make sure your spending is sustainable. It’s not worth saddling yourself with insurmountable debt.

If you can’t sustain the cost of growth, the business might not be ready for it. Virtual offices are a great way to enter new markets. You don’t have to stick with them forever. Use them to build a secure presence and manage expansion costs, before upgrading to a full-time space.