How To Travel Across The USA

Traveling across the USA is considered the road trip of all road trips. You get to travel from one state to the next and appreciate the vast differences of each. Traveling across the USA can take a couple of weeks, or you can instead do it in the space of two or three months depending on your method of transport and how much you wish to see in each place you go. Whether you plan to go from the West Coast to the East Coast or North or South, for example, your days will be filled with new sights and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Property Hop

If you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep in each place you go, then consider property hopping and renting houses from state to state. This involves renting out a house for a few days while the owners are out of town. Doing so can help you feel like you’re traveling but still maintaining the homely feel of waking up in a house with all the appliances and necessities you need. Be sure to look on VacationRenter and search to find the best properties that suit your needs for when you’re traveling across the USA.

Get A Van

Getting a van gives you the freedom to travel and have a base that you can call home for the entire route. A van also allows you to pass through each of the 50 American states whenever you feel like it. You might want to think about having a refresher driving lesson or two when you first get on American soil so that you can quickly learn the rules of the road if you’re not familiar. Don’t forget that this way can save you money, but you will have to make the petrol costs and insurance. Consider getting a van and even taking your dog with you if you fancy having a vacation away from home.

Go By Train

You can travel across America by train and stop off where and when you feel like it. Getting the train is a great idea for those who want to see more of the states you’re traveling through from the comfort of a seat and train window. Research your options, and find out how to get from A to B and stop off where you wish. Make sure to read the small print of each train company, and know the ins and outs of train travel before you depart.

Be Safe And Wise

Make sure that you conduct plenty of research when it comes to planning your journey and getting the wheels in motion. State laws and regulations differ hugely, so it’s advisable to find out what’s legal and what isn’t from place to place. Safety needs to be your first concern wherever you travel to, so take necessary precautions and find out how best to stay out of trouble and defend yourself in the case of emergency. Be wise to differing faith and cultures, and be respectful at all times.