How to Stay Occupied on Long Haul Flights

There is no doubting that holidays are exhilarating. However, we don’t have to pretend that the flights to and from our destinations are also joyous. In fact, they can become boring, monotonous and dreadful – especially when the air miles begin to accumulate to hours on end – and unless you plan on sleeping, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead to save any boredom-fuelled heartache.

Here are a few useful tips for any future flyers embarking on several hour-long flights, and who are in desperate need of some entertainment.

Plan for Wi-Fi

Thankfully, we live in the age of Wi-Fi gracing a lot of our flights. This means that although our mobile or electronic devices have to remain in flight mode, we can still surf the internet and interact with our friends and family on land. Plus, if you have a crucial football match to keep tabs on such as the UEFA Champions League which may have forgotten to place bets on, in-flight Wi-Fi mean you could place a bet on the Champions League at Betting Expert with complete ease. Additionally, you could play an online game of Poker or Blackjack, or try your luck on virtual slot machines.

Charge Electronic Devices

Portable gaming consoles such as a Nintendo DS, PSP Vista and now the Nintendo Switch are perfect ways to provide hours of fun on a long flight. To ensure you do not get bored of the games you have brought, purchase a new one before your holiday and keep it sealed until the day of your departure. Also, bring any chargers with you as many flights now cater for electronic devices. This is also true for laptops where you could alternatively download films and TV shows if you are worried about a limited selection of in-flight media.


Sometimes games can become infuriating, especially if you are stuck on a boss fight. However, books, magazines or graphic novels pose no tricky scenarios and are a wonderful way to remain entertained. If you find you’ve left your reading material at home, then there are many bookshops in Duty-Free for you to browse and purchase from. Also, if you find yourself scared or fearful of flying, reading can help reduce stress and is considered one of the best ways to relax.

Bring Your Hobbies

If you’re an artist or writer, make sure to pack your sketchbooks and notepads. Without any distractions, this is a perfect time to work on your drawing skills and doodle either things from memory or your current surroundings. Also, if you are a writer who finds themselves prone to writer’s block or procrastination, this could be a great time to plan the rest of your future novel or write a few chapters.

Playing Cards

Most of the time, people fly with friends and family as they embark on group adventures. Therefore, packing a deck of cards or other portable games is a fantastic way to remain entertained as well as incorporate some social interaction into your flight. Nowadays, many of the big name board games such as Monopoly or Cluedo, offer smaller versions of themselves, or variations which suit travelling scenarios. If you are flying alone, then don’t be scared to invite the passengers beside you to play a game or two.