How to Reduce Your Expenditure Abroad

Heading on vacation makes for one of the nicest breaks from the day-to-day ritual of life, allowing you to relax, take in a new culture, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Holidaying does, however, hit the wallet fairly hard if done unthinkingly. From transport expenses to fancy meals by the sea, travel rarely comes cheap. If you’re interested in having a wonderful vacation experience yet hoping to combine this with saving some cash here and there, then this is the list for you, detailing the areas in which you can save money while abroad.


It’s true that in plenty of cultures haggling is not the done thing, but in certain areas – such as taxi hire, city tours and even hotel rooms – you’ll be able to knock down the price virtually anywhere in the world. Approaching this with a spirit of playful positivity, smiling and negotiating with laughter and fun, is the best way of going about this, both in terms of not causing any offense, and in terms of managing to save some bucks. Learning a little of the language – for instance ‘too expensive’ – will get you a long way here.

Talk to Locals

Too many travelers go by the guidebook and the TripAdvisor tips when it comes to experiencing a new country. While these are excellent resources not to be scoffed at, there can be no better way of sussing out the best cheap eateries or free exhibitions than talking to people from the locality you’re vacationing in. They’ll almost always be happy to help, pointing you to undiscovered gems and local cafes that will give you a kicker experience at the same time as enabling travel on the cheap.

Dont Buy Excessively

Vacations can sometimes go hand-in-hand with shopping trips and, though these two pleasures are certainly complementary, with you browsing new international lines of goods, you should monitor just how much you buy in a foreign country. Likewise, ensure that you’re well-packed for your trip – buying E-liquid for your vape from Mt Baker Vape or sunscreen for your long beach frolics – so that you’re not ripped off for these products in local tourist hotspots.

Consider Cheap Alternatives

Everything vacation-wise is ordered on a scale of budget to luxury. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a little luxury to permeate through your holiday, but choosing a few cheaper-than-usual alternatives to add to your perfect itinerary will help reduce your costs significantly. Think of taking the local buses instead of taxis, eating in budget restaurants instead of hotel balconies, or going on long self-guided walks instead of paying for a tour guide or bus. Each decision you make to save money will also open doors to unique experiences and encounters, meaning you’re not making a sacrifice of your time away.

While travel is ordinarily seen as a luxury that we’re willing to spend a lot to achieve, it needn’t be so. If you’d like your next vacation to leave you with a little left over after your trip, then bear these tips in mind so that you find a way to holiday on the cheap.