How to keep your entire home secure while you’re away

If you’re planning on going out of town for a while to vacation or for business, one of your biggest worries and concerns may be leaving your home behind. With home invasion on the rise and thieves finding new and innovative ways to break into homes, it can be daunting to leave your possessions unattended. Luckily there are ways that you can boost up security in your home and make things more secure. Here are just a few things you can incorporate into having a safer home.

Installing A Home Security System

Home security Colorado Springs pros, suggest that one of the best things you can do to guard against an intruder is to install an advanced home security system. This allows you to have the peace of mind you need while you’re away. It starts by hiring a home security company that will come out and evaluate all of your needs and modify a program that fits your exact budget. Some things you may wish to consider installing include:

  • *An advanced alarm system to immediately notify you of anyone trying to access your home unauthorized.
  • *Sirens that will loudly warn the intruder of the alarm system.
  • *Motion detectors to help pick up on unwanted access to your property through various locations.
  • *A keypad which will control turning the system on or off.

You can advance your security system by making it accessible remotely. A closed-circuit television, camera, and DVR system allow you to play back certain time blocks and access footage, as you need it. This allows you to see what’s happening everywhere around your property, even while you’re gone on vacation.

Utilizing Smart Home Technology

In addition to a home security system, to advance your home’s protection, you may wish to install a smart home technology system. It starts with a smart hub that connects your entire home wirelessly. The best part is that you’re able to access and control certain electronic devices that are connected to the hub. You’ll be able to:

  • *Control your homes security system remotely and make changes and communicate with your home security system.
  • *Access lights and electronic devices around your home and control their on and off switches.
  • *Change the thermostat and adjust as needed.
  • *Be notified of any changes in temperature in the home, flood, fire or weather-related damage.

The good thing about a smart home is that you’re connected to it all times. This is perfect when you’re traveling for an extended period of time and have no one to come and access or monitor the interior of your home.

Connect With Your Neighbors

While it isn’t tech related, one way to boost safety measures around your property is to talk to trusty neighbors. Let your most trusted neighbors know that you’ll be gone and when you’ll be back. Give them all of your contact information and the hotel where you’ll be staying, just in case there is no cell phone signal. Also, try to connect with your neighborhood watch group. They will have different neighbors driving by or checking your home while you’re away. This is a good support system as long as you live in an area where you feel safe and secure. It’s also important to contact your home security company and let them know that you’ll be out of town. They may send more security to your area or specifically monitor your property more closely.

Know Your Technology

While everyone is familiar with a basic home monitoring system, there are some new technological advances that might enhance a basic system. Ask your security specialist about two-way voice connectivity. This allows you to connect with a trained security agent and talk to them about what is going on. This is perfect if you’re unable to find your cell phone during a home invasion or if you’re in a panic and don’t have time to dial 911. Digital cellular backup is another option for you to access old timestamps and data regarding specific time frames of a possible home invasion. These are two important features that allow you to stay connected with your home security company and quickly identify if there has been a security breach on the premises while you’ve been away.

Take away the worries of someone coming in and accessing your property while you’re away. Call a security system today to gain peace of mind.