Five Simple Security Hacks for Homeowners on a Shoestring Budget

Can’t afford a fancy alarm system and a rottweiler?

Yeah, neither can most of us.

Unfortunately, no homeowner can afford to neglect the importance of proper home security. That being said, it’s difficult to budget for “what-if” scenarios and emergency situations, regardless of where you live. Given the fact that burglaries can happen at a moment’s noticed, perhaps the best advice for homeowners on a budget is to be prepared for the worst.

But how do you make it happen on a shoestring budget?

There are actionable steps you can take to protect your home without breaking the bank, many of them requiring a bit of creativity and a minimal financial investment. Whether you’re moving into a new place or simply want to give yourself a bit more peace of mind at your existing home, keep the following hacks in mind.

Lock Down Your Doors…

There’s no substitute for a proper lock system to keep any potential trouble from entering your home. Replacing your locks a sold starting point; however, you can really reinforce your doors with entry locks as a sturdy second line of defense from burglars.

…And Valuables

Bear in mind that protecting your property is about more than just the exterior: chances are you have valuables that you likewise want to keep safe. Any jewelry or official documents (think: your birth certificate or insurance docs)  should be stowed away somewhere truly secure where only you have access.

You can double-down on protecting your valuables through high quality lock boxes that are impenetrable to the common thief. In addition, make sure you hide your valuables beyond your bedroom, which is often one of the first place that burglars tend to look.

Clean More, Worry Less

Keeping your yard clean may seem like a no-brainer; however, having a fresh yard that’s well maintained is actually a surefire burglar deterrent. After all, you’re less likely to be targeted by criminals looking for houses that aren’t being taken care of. In addition to paying attention to your lawn, make sure to consistently collect your mail and keep trash off your doorstep.

Dummy Surveillance Equipment

Again, one of the biggest components of security of creating the illusion of a well-protected household. For example, by putting up dummy surveillance cameras you can make passers-by think you’re keeping a keen eye out for trouble.

On the flip side, you should not put signs or stickers outside you house for a home security system you don’t actually own: it’s viewed by many burglars as one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Leave Your Lights On

Although sometimes a point of controversy, you can use lights to your advantage when it comes to creating the illusion of an occupied household. By installing motion detecting lights outside to timed lights indoors, you once again create the illusion that your house is much busier than it really is.

Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Regardless of what you to do keep your home safe, pay attention to any obvious signs of trouble in your neighborhood and remain vigilant.