Making Magic This Christmas Season with the Right Christmas Decorations

As a child, Christmas is a time filled with magic and wonder. However, it can seem difficult to come up with ideas that seem to really work to create this kind of magic. Thankfully, most of the work can be done for you if you pick out the right Christmas decorations. Here are a few ideas to add in a bit of magic to your holiday season.

1. Bring Elves Into Your Home

While most kids know that Santa has his elves, many of them are a bit skeptical about the idea of him monitoring each and every home. Welcome his elves into your home with elven entrances, elf security cameras, hidden elf feet, the elf on the shelf, and more. This gives your children a feeling of excitement leading up to the holiday and may even encourage them to behave better than they otherwise would.

2. Christmas Crafts

Make Christmas crafts together with your children. You can make your own Christmas trees from a variety of different materials, put together felt stockings, make your own ornaments, and so much more. A variety of different kits are available with everything included, making the crafting process and the clean-up much easier. There are even kits to make your own snow globe, something that most kids will find fascinating.

3. Create A Christmas Village

Christmas villages and lighted houses in miniature are a great way to welcome the season and to bring in some magic. Most of these are done in light colours and are lighted from within, giving a magical and otherworldly look to your village. Be sure to add in fake snow for the best possible results.

4. Make Your Own Christmas Cookies

Nothing says Christmas like delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Enlist the help of your children to make Christmas cookies for their class, your neighbours, or just for your family get together. A pack of a few different cookie cutters will let them create their favourite shapes and give them a sweet treat to enjoy while they are looking forward to the holiday.

4. Change Up The Lighting

Fairy lights are one of the most recognised things about the holiday season and one that most kids love looking at. Try placing them around your home, not just on your tree. You can make a bedroom seem almost magical by stringing them around on the walls and letting them fall asleep beneath their twinkling glow.

6. Create An Advent Calendar

You can even create your own advent calendar, giving them something to look forward to each and every day. Place sweets, nuts, oranges, and anything else you want in 24 boxes, drawers, bags, or envelopes and allow them to open one each and every day.

Creating magic this holiday season doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep to the simple joys that come from the Christmas season and spend lots of quality time with your children each and every day. With just a little bit of effort you are sure to create magical memories.