Taking advantage of the cheap flights to visit London

It is not uncommon to hear of people going to overseas to work, and one of the place is Dubai. These people wanted to look for greener pastures, so they chose to leave their comfort zone that is their homeland for a foreign land. The decision is not easy for them as some of them already have family of their own. Leaving behind their wife and children is not an easy choice but many made the choice hoping for a better future for their children. They wanted to earn some extra cash in order to make life more comfortable for their family and many are willing to sacrifice a few years separation from their love ones.

Those who made the choice to work in Dubai placed their safety and future into the hands of the agents connecting them to their future employer to work in Dubai. Those who have safely and legally obtained jobs in Dubai will take some months to adjust to the weather, the culture and getting accustomed to being away from their family and homeland. It will usually takes about 6 months for them to get over their home sickness before they could finally settle down in their new place.

There are reports of many foreigners working in Dubai. These include workers coming from India, Pakistan, China, and other Asian countries. Some stayed and worked for a period of 1 year to a few years before returning to their family and homeland. Once they have settled down, many have taken the opportunity to accumulating their off days to visit other countries. They have the advantage of getting cheap flights from Dubai to London. Many would not have thought of visiting London but since they are working in Dubai, they get the chance of a life time to visit London.

This is one of the rewards of working in Dubai and once they get accustomed to living and working in Dubai, many continue to stay on in Dubai and they get to return to their homeland to see their family once in every 6 months or whatever that is promised according to the terms and agreement of their working contract.