4 Surprisingly Cheap and Rare Destinations to Travel in 2018

Often travelers choose destinations that are uncommon and rarely traveled to by other tourists. They prefer such locations to move away from the beaten track. If you are one of those adventurers, who want to try new and unconventional destinations, then keep reading this post. Also, note that these destinations will list the places that you can travel on a tight budget. Moreover, you can enjoy holidays in these remote places, without any interruptions from others. These places are a mix of hot, cold and tropical regions as per your preference. That said, check out the following areas that will mesmerize you with their rarely explored beauty.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

This enticing location is present on the famous Silk Road in Asia. Kyrgyzstan may not be a familiar name to most of you, which is why it is a great destination to spend your time for hiking. You can also explore the appealing culture of the place while enjoying eagle hunting or horse riding. Remember to enjoy this place, but make sure to check for all the amenities in the location so that you are aware of what all is available there for your comfort.

Ios, Greece

You may have heard of Santorini Island in Greece, which is mostly crowded with tourists from all parts of the world. Thus, the place is expensive for tourists to accommodate. However, moving a few miles away from the place is the island of Ios. This beautiful place is much cheaper to stay than its expensive sibling. You can witness the beautiful white-walled structures present at the edge of the hills that overlook the beautiful bay. You can find inexpensive, yet beautiful hotels that offer sea-view rooms for couples in this location. Visit Tourist 2 Traveler for more information about traveling and tourism.

Ometepe, Nicaragua

This beautiful island is located in the center of the Lake Nicaragua, which is known for its high population of sharks. It does sound thrilling, doesn’t it? This location in Central America is still an unscathed zone that most travelers are not aware of yet. Hence, it exists as a location for adventurers who want to enjoy the thrilling experience of the wild.

Kiev, Ukraine


If you like to enjoy an exquisite lifestyle in a cosmopolitan city, then Kiev is a budget-friendly destination worth visiting. You can find mesmerizing architecture, beautiful beach clubs for summers, and enticing restaurants to soothe your taste buds. The best feature of all is that you can enjoy these facilities without ruining your budget. Some travelers may think that Kiev is a risky place to visit due to the wars going on in the eastern parts of Ukraine, but it is not like that. The place is safe to visit for a unique experience.

Remember that places like these, which are rarely explored by tourists, are the ones that give you one of the best experiences. Enjoying with little interruptions, while being free is one of the best ways to relax.