Is Your Man Into Beach Volleyball? Here Are the 5 Best Gift Ideas for Him

Image Source: Unsplash

Is your boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday coming up and you do not know what present to get him? If he likes volleyball or he is a dedicated player, then we have some suggestions for you. Turn from traditional men presents such as books or colognes to something more practical.

In case he is a sports fan and he particularly like beach volleyball, you should consider purchasing something that could nurture his passion. Click here to find useful ideas that can help you offer your husband or boyfriend the perfect gift. Turn his birthday into an extraordinary celebration with one of these exceptional gifts.

1. Net

Besides baking a cake in the shape of a volleyball or a beach volleyball court, you could also get him a net for the volleyball field. You should also purchase the accessories you need to install it on the beach. Every beach volleyball game implies the use of a net to delimit the courts of two different teams. You could help your partner install it on the beach every time you go sunbathing. Usually, the height of this net is around 8 feet for men and 7 feet for women. Its length measures about 28 feet. Manufacturers pad the end of the net. During official competitions, the referee stand is attached with the net.

2. Ball

Sometimes the perfect gift for him is a beach volleyball. When you know for sure that your boyfriend’s or husband’s biggest passion is volleyball, you know that this is the appropriate gift. Irrespective of how many volley balls he has, he will never have enough. Make sure you purchase one made out of a resistant material even if you may have to pay a bit more than you have expected. It is best if you choose a famous sports brand which produces quality products. In this way, you make sure that the ball is resistant and life-longing.

3. Knee Pads

For beach volleyball players, knee pads are extremely important. That is what makes this equipment a suitable gift for your man. They do not only provide stability but are also meant to protect the knee. This way, the player is able to play at his full potential. The greatest advantage when wearing a knee pad is that it also prevents the player from getting injured. In case the player already suffers a small injury, he can wear a knee pad in order for his articulations and muscles to relax.

4. Uniform

If your partner is part of a beach volleyball team, he surely needs to wear a uniform. Him and his teammates have the same uniform, that differentiates them from the opposite team. Therefore, it would be great if you purchase an extra swimsuit or pair of shorts for him to wear the next time he plays. Make sure you put his initials or the name of his team on the uniform. Regulations indicate that it is best for volleyball players to wear sports shoes for their safety while they play on sand. In this way, they will prevent possible accidents. If you consider that he also needs an extra pair of shoes, then you should purchase a pair of shoes also.

5. Sun Protection

Since beach volleyball plays occur in the sun, on a beach, you have to make sure your man has everything he needs when it comes to sun protection. Therefore, you should consider getting him a pair of sunglasses. When purchasing the sunglasses, make sure that they have proper polarization. During hot summer days when the sun is up, beach volleyball players should pay attention to UV radiation. They can cause severe skin problems. Therefore, your dear boyfriend or husband may also need sunscreen. Furthermore, when you purchase sunscreen, you have to pay attention to SPF, making sure it is higher than 50.

If you boyfriend or husband is into beach volleyball, you could think about some fun gifts or his birthday. Personalize any piece of clothing and surprise him. This list of possible gifts for a volleyball lover will turn you into the perfect girlfriend or spouse. Invite all his teammates and his coach to this important event. You might even consider throwing him a surprise birthday party. The theme of the party should definitely be volleyball. His birthday celebration will be amazing, and will make him feel like a volleyball star.