5 fun Ways to Make Money while you Travel

The first rule of elitist intercontinental travel is "never own a travel wallet". I know. Unfortunately I saw this one and it had a Swedish flag on it and two Ä's and it was practical. It has slots for both of my passports, a nice area to keep my Swedbank security device, a place to keep a spare credit card and the 4 public transit stored value cards I'll use on this trip as well as 5 of the currencies I'll need and of course some spare SIM cards. I usually just shove all of this stuff into a pocket of my backpack or jam as much as I can into my wallet and it just doesn't work out that well. This will function much better. Fjäll Räven Travel Wallet

Whether you are travelling for work or for pleasure you may find that it is more expensive than you originally estimated. What better way to counteract these expenditures than to make money from the road in your down time? Here are five suggestions to help you do just that.

Accrue Money with Every Purchase

Many credit card companies currently offer money back reward programs. Before you even start to book your trip, research your credit cards and verify which cards offer the best money back reward programs. Those are the cards that you will want to use during your travel, especially on large dollar items such as travel and hotel stays in order to get back as much money as possible.

Two things to keep in mind though when doing this, one is to make sure you know all of the rules for earning money back since most credit card companies have at least a few; and two is to verify your balances to assure that you will have the funds when you need them.

Take a Chance

Online gambling is one of the most convenient methods of gambling available. There are many options that are easily accessible from any WiFi or internet connection. The key to successful online games is to understand what you are playing, such as Superman is an online slot game character and is played as you would a slot machine. When you understand the type of game you are playing and the statistical strategies involved you improve your chances of winning.

Take on Freelance Jobs

There are many different kinds of online work-from-anywhere style jobs for those willing to freelance. Taking the time to investigate your options and establish a few memberships with different online job boards provides you with the option to do some work in your down time. These kinds of positions are ideal for travelling since you only take on work when you feel like working and can do it from anywhere with internet services.

Take advantage of Offers

Although this may not be a money making suggestion it still makes your money go further by minimalizing the amount you spend. Using coupons and taking advantage of discount days at attractions that you want to visit can add up to a lot of savings that are as good as making money and without having to work for it.

Rent it out

If you are planning on being gone for an extended period of time, you might want to consider renting out your car, or even your home to someone looking for a short-term rental situation. There are many people looking for shorter term rentals because they are changing jobs, moving and their old home sold before their new one is ready, or they are transitioning in some other area of their life. These situations provide you with an ideal opportunity to rent out your place as a furnished short-term lease so that you are making money while you are away.

In addition to making money this option also provides some home security since your home looks lived in and is not sitting vacant the entire time you are gone. You can even write it into the contract that this person is to maintain plants, or feed the pets, etc. which eliminates the need for a house sitter. Just make sure you do your background check so that you know what kind of person you are renting to.

Making money while you travel is not a difficult thing to do as long as you think creatively and do a little research before jumping into anything.