How to Pimp up your Office without Breaking the Bank

Creating an inviting and professional looking office space is important when branding your business, yet interior design can be very costly. Even if you don’t have a large decorating budget you can still have a comfortable, inviting, and professional office and here is how.

Paint is a Miracle Product

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do the work, adding a fresh coat of paint is an excellent and cost effective way to spruce up your office space. Paint covers old markings on the walls, creates a clean pallet for other decorating ideas, and gives your office a fresh new feeling, especially if you are located in an old building.

When using paint to improve the overall appearance of your office remember to put thought into your color and finish selection. Choose a color that is both soothing and inviting, while selecting a finish that is durable and easy to clean. Doing so will create a welcoming environment for your customers and employees that is easily maintained.

Avoid harsh or overly bright colors. You want to create an energetic work place to keep your staff inspired, but you don’t want to be inducing headaches and absenteeism in the process.

Reorganize your Floor Plan

Another easy and fairly inexpensive way to update your office is through changing your floor plan. You may have grown a bit, or hired on new staff over the years which has created an inefficient and unattractive office layout. Take a look at your offices layout and see if there are ways to move things that make the workspace more efficient as well as crate a more attractive office.

If floor plan layouts are really not your thing consider hiring an outside company who specializes in this type of work, such as Office Principles. Companies like these have knowledgeable associates who know the ins and outs of office layouts on both an architectural and functional level who will work with you in order to create a plan that is right for you. In addition since this is what these companies do, they often have access to resources at a lower cost than you might get directly.

Shop Outlet Centers

Often you can find decorating items and office furniture at extremely reduced rates by shopping at local outlet stores. These stores typically sell discontinued, or overstock items that they need to get rid of at reduced prices. You may even be lucky enough to find current custom models on some items that were left over from previous projects or returned.

Decorating and creating a professional up to date yet comfortable and inviting office space does not have to be expensive or labor intensive. Taking the time to figure out what your needs and options are before starting is the first step. Once you know these things you can then decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire an expert to do the work for you.