Things you should know about the Panini cleaning cards and how to clean you Panini Scanner

Panini check and card scanners are essential in every business organization. The brand recommends cleaning the machine at least weekly to keep the device clean of any harmful properties. Proper maintenance only adds to the life of your appliance. How do you care for your Panini Vision X? Here are some things that you should observe while cleaning your scanner using the Panini cleaning cards.

Care before cleaning

You must unplug the USB and power cables before the process begins. You also need to remove the inner and outer covers. It is vital to plug off any other devices that may be linked to the machine to avoid accidents. Cleaning the machine while attached to power, may cause problems in the functioning and can cause potential damage. Wrong cleaning procedures can create more problems to your scanner.

Air for cleaning

Secondly, use a canned air container to clean off any dust and debris. Remember the surface attracts dust which is potentially harmful to the machine. The bottle comes with a nozzle for easy application. The air should clean three significant areas. The first area is the feeder area; the second is the reader area, and the third part is the place beyond the cameras.

Cleaning the glass

The glass part is where you find the camera lenses. Lenses need a lot of care as they take the photo. Clean the part using isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth. Cleaning with other cleaning agents may not be as effective as the combination above. Other cleaners like soap may interfere with the glass.

Inkjet cleaning

You may realize that endorsements do not look as good as they should. That is an indication of dirty inkjets. Clean the inkjets with distilled or deionized water and a lint-free cloth. The cleaning should, however, not touch any electric part to avoid any problems. Check if clean after the first run and repeat the process with a clean lint-free cloth. Cleaning nozzles should be in the direction of the paper movement in a few seconds. No ink should be visible on the nozzle plate area.

Clearing jams from your Panini Vision X

You may also experience a jam in the path of papers in the process of scanning. When that happens, you have to clear the paper path. You can start by pressing the eject button on the scanner. If the scanner does not respond, try using your hand to remove the document.

In an extreme case where the document is still stuck, and you cannot merely pull it out, follow these steps. First, take the paper by hand and pull it down the track of the first turn. Secondly, remove the item up and out of the transport.

Running the card through the scanner

Panini cleaning cards are used to clean the inside of the scanner. The card runs just like the standard document you load on the scanner. The Panini cleaning cards are a great deal in ensuring that your scanner does not break down. Technology enhancement makes the card clear off any dirt, oils, and other impurities that may eventually interfere with the running of your scanner.

Panini cleaning cards can be bought online through their website. Designed to clean Panini scanners correctly, the cards are safe to use on the machine. Once out the scanner, they do not send any message to the bank. They are just meant to be used once as running it the second time may prove ineffective.

Where to get cleaning supplies

If you want to clean, your vision X get the Panini cleaning cards successfully. They are available at The full set comprises of 25 cleaning cards, six alcohol swabs, and one pack lint-free cloths. You can get all the information you need on the cleaning cards online at portal. They come at a friendly price, and you can use the set for a whole month.

Cleaning your Panini scanner is simple when you have the tips above. It costs very little to care for your Panini than replacing it. Study shows that most scanners that are defective are just dirty. Do not forget to treat your Panini right for enhanced performance and great results.

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