The 5 most anticipated games of the Nintendo 3DS!

More than 5 years old and still at the top! The 3DS still holds some big releases.

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Some people have clearly buried Nintendo too fast. Yes, the Wii U is a dismal failure in the market for home consoles. But the mysterious NX scheduled for March 2017 starts to make a lot of attention while Nintendo skilfully maintains the suspense around the wildest rumours. But until it replaces the Wii U and it makes perhaps also serve as portable console, it is important not to forget the 3DS. The latter has completely crushed the poor PS Vita Sony developed to rule only on the handheld market. It is estimated that 60 million copies of the Nintendo portable console have been sold so far.

The deserved success when you consider the dozens of excellent games released on the 3DS for over five years now. And the good news is that the console is not dead and that Nintendo continues to spoil his fans with new releases. During his last Nintendo Direct on 1 September, the Japanese firm has made many big announcements for players 3DS. Here is a partial list of games announced for the coming months and we expect the most. We begin immediately with the first released in which everyone speaks.