6 Unique Spots In Malta

Located just off the coast of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is often an overlooked and regularly underrated paradise. Blessed with the tropical temperatures of Southern Europe, a turbulent and fascinating history and geological features that will leave you in awe, this little archipelago is one that should be at the top of every traveler’s list. These six unique spots will give you a wonderful overview of the vibrant country, and make for the perfect itinerary for all visits – alongside a day at the beach, of course. 

The Azure Window


Created when a limestone cave system collapsed many years ago, the Azure Window is probably one of the most dramatic sights in Malta. The great stone arch juts out into the sea and makes for one of the best photos the country has to offer. The Inland Sea and Fungus Rock are similar nearby attractions, caused by the same phenomenon.

Many don’t realize this, but Malta is actually one of the best destinations for prehistoric ruins. The Mnajdra is basically the country’s version of Stonehenge, albeit much older. The temple is made of cut stone, which aligns perfectly with the sun during the solstice and equinox. Built around 4000 BC, it’s one of the world’s oldest ancient religious sites.


Photo: Creative Commons

Popeye’s Village


This quaint and novel attraction was born after the island was used as the film set for Robert Altman’s ‘Popeye’ movie starring Robin Williams as Popeye. After t filming was over, the perfectly crafted village was adapted into a sort of theme park, where actors make the world of Popeye come to life. Tucked away in the Maltese hills, it’s a refreshing little day out, particularly if you’re traveling with children.
The Catacombs

For the more adventurous of travelers, the St. Paul and St. Agatha catacombs are early Christian burial grounds located outside of the tiny village of Rabat. Dipping below the road’s surface, you are deposited into a vast and winding maze, off which springs endless tombs of figures from Malta’s earliest years of Christianity. Covering a vast 2,000 square, metres, it’s most certainly an eerie experience, but a simultaneously fascinating one.

Malta At War Museum


Photo: creative Commons

Unfortunately left out of most school textbooks, there aren’t many who realize what a pivotal role the tiny archipelago of Malta played in the Second World War. Incredibly strategically placed between Europe and Africa, it was a highly sought after stronghold and one that changed the course of the fighting and debatably the outcome of the war. For anyone interested in this period, the museum is a must-see. As well as giving you crucial information, it also exhibits a life-size air raid shelter, which makes a great day out for the kids as well.

Valletta Fortifications

 It’s not just history that Malta has to offer visitors; the modern day capital of Valletta is still alight with culture, nightlife and a chance to meet the locals. Simply wandering around this cosmopolitan spot is enough to make for a great day out, but even better is a chance to gaze down on the city from above. The Valletta Fortifications Walk allows travelers to mount the city walls and take in the panoramic views over the town and the marina.

For such a small place, there are so many great attractions to be found in Malta. So, if you haven’t already, why not start planning your trip today?

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