A detailed comparison between TCL 10 SE and TCL 10 Plus


Before buying the latest version of a phone, it is very important to study a detailed comparison from the earlier version of the phone of the same brand. Both TCL 10 SE and TCL 10 Plus are amazing sets with loads of features like good picture quality and camera specifications, but there are some points that put one set ahead of the other. That is why; we are here to compare the two amazing sets from TCL telemoveis which have caught everybody’s attention.

Salient Features of the Phones:

When we give a look at the features of TCL 10 SE and TCL 10 Plus, we see that there are very slight differences between the two. Both have dual SIM slots, multitouch facilities and can be operated both by 3G and 4G SIM cards. However, some of the differences between the two sets include the weight, screen quality, and size of the phones.

  •     The TCL Telemoveis’ TCL 10 Plus has a net weight of 172 grams, while TCL 10 SE is lighter and weighs 166 grams.
  •     TCL 10 Plus has a Color AMOLED Screen and TCL 10 SE has a Color LCD Screen
  •     RAM and ROM size of TCL 10 Plus is 6 GB and 64 GB. TCL 10 SE has a RAM and ROM size of 4 GB and 128 GB.
  •     Both phones can be opened by Face recognition, but you have to touch the rear part of TCL 10 SE for fingerprint sensor opening and touch the display for opening TCL 10 Plus.

Both the TCL 10 Plus and TCL 10 SE have multimedia options like FM Radio, Document reader, Email, and Video Recording Features. However, the battery capacity of the two sets from TCL Telemoveis is slightly different. TCL 10 Plus has a modern 4500 mAh Li-Po Battery and TCL 10 SE has a 4000 mAh Li-Po battery. TCL 10 Plus has a facility of Quick Charge 3 and TCL 10 SE can be charged through 15W Fast Charging.

Next Generation Visual Features:

When you buy a smartphone, you have to see that the display is top-notch and the video runs smoothly. We have discussed earlier that the display of the two phones is different (TCL 10 Plus having Color AMOLED Screen and TCL 10 SE having a Color LED Screen). However, some of the specs of the display are also to be studied at this point.

TCL 10 SE comes with a 6.52” widescreen with a V-notch facility which provides an enhanced and seamless viewing experience. The aspect ratio of the phone can be adjusted to a maximum of 20:9 and the screen/frame ratio is 89%. TCL 10 Plus has a screen width of 6.47” with a 93% screen to frame ratio. Based on the features, it is safe to say that both sets will provide a fantastic movie-watching experience.

Comparison of Camera:

TCL Telemoveis have also given special care to design the cameras of both the phones. While TCL 10 SE has a 48 MP AI Camera, TCL 10 Plus boasts of a 48 MP Multifaceted IA Quad Camera. Both the phones work pretty well in low-light environments, especially with the Big Pixel 4 in 1 technology in TCL 10 SE mobile phone. Both the cameras have a super wide-angle which allows you to shoot a wide range of subjects. TCL 10 SE has an angle of 115o and TCL 10 Plus has a wide-angle feature of 118o.

For more sophisticated and intense shots of the subject, both the phones from TCL Telemoveis have provided Bokeh Blur feature. In TCL 10 Plus, you get a Macro Lens which allows shooting your subject as near as 3.7 cm to the screen. The front camera of TCL 10 Plus is 16 MP with a 2.2 Wide-angle aperture, whereas TCL 10 SE has an 8 MP front camera with an f/2-f/2.2 wide-angle aperture.


The two mobile sets are great in performance as well. You can get a 2.0 GHz Octa-core platform in TCL 10 SE set and Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 IA Processor for TCL 10 Plus. This feature lets you run every apps and game smoothly without any interruption.


We have discussed a lot of features of both the phones (TCL 10 Plus and TCL 10 SE) manufactured by TCL Telemoveis. Make a comparative study of your own and buy the set that suits all your requirements today.