Top Money and Time Saving Tips for Your Next Move


There are many reasons why people move. Perhaps it is your first time leaving your parent’s home, and you’re moving into your dorm room for the first time. Or perhaps you are downsizing your apartment so that you can finally live without roommates. In every single case, the actual process of moving can be painful. We accumulate so much over our lives and moving it from one place to another takes a lot of time, money, and energy. To reduce these costs, however, all you need to do is follow these top tips:

De-Clutter As Soon As Possible

There is no better time to do a huge de-clutter of your entire home than when you are packing up for a big move. There are things you have been holding on for a long time that don’t add to your quality of life and instead have just been taking up valuable storage space. It is time to leave these items behind.

1. What to Get Rid Of

From old receipts to simple Knick Knacks or other strange items that end up in the back of the drawer, chances are there are quite a few items that should have been thrown out or recycled a long time ago.

2. What to Donate

Old clothes, furniture, decorative pieces and essentially anything else that is still in good condition should be donated unless you truly believe you could sell it on. As selling can take time and is a lot of effort, however, you should leave that for only the big-ticket items.

3. What to Sell

Bought skis that you never use? Have a fancy gift you hate? You can sell these items on and recoup some of the money you initially spent on them whilst simultaneously freeing yourself of them.

Tips for Packing

When it comes to packing you will want to:

· Pack Room by Room

Each room should have its own set of boxes so you can easily distribute boxes where they need to be.

· Label Each Box with Its Contents

Label everything that is in your boxes. It often takes days if not weeks to fully unpack everything and if you don’t have labels you could be looking at a huge mess as you hunt down that one elusive item.

Get a Professional Moving Services

Though it can seem counter intuitive when your goal is to save money, hiring a professional movers Charleston company like Low Country Moving is often the best way forward. Doing it yourself can mean many return trips, many days of renting a moving vehicle, and the chance of damaging your belongings in the process. By instead relying on professionals you can get everything done in a short period of time, safely.

Moving can be a huge cost, both in time and money. By tackling the challenges associated with moving in advance, de-cluttering, and packing smart you can reduce the stress commonly associated with a big move and start your new life on the right track.