Tips on Preparing Your Home before Selling It

Don’t just put up the ’on sale’ notice without making prior preparations. A few touch-ups, no matter how minor, can go a long way towards attracting the impression of a potential buyer, and perhaps sealing a deal. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and walk through your house with a friend probably and scrutinize it like you are seeing it for the first time. Be sure to take notes of the nitty-gritty that will catch any of your five senses, the smell, the feel, what you see or hear. Make repairs and replacements of anything that seems amiss. The following are among the top tips to make your home more suitable for sale.

Clean and clean some more

Aside from the daily cleaning that you do day to day, take the cleaning a notch higher and make sure every inch of the house is tidy. Dust the fan blades, the shelves, the closets, clean your windows, your bathroom and toilet seat. Make sure your windows are crystal clear. If this seems to be too much to be done, hire a cleaning service to help you out.

Be sensitive to smell

You may notice some smell in the house maybe due to dirt, a leaking sewer or from anything else. Repair the leaks and get rid of the source of that smell. Don’t use fresheners that will give the house an artificial smell, open your windows instead to allow fresh air inside to give your house a natural smell. Avoid cooking foods with strong smell, like bacon, when your buyer is yet to visit since its smell stays for long. Well it smells nice but you don’t want your house to give the impression of a restaurant.

Use natural colors on your walls

As much as you love your green kitchen and your pink bedroom, it’s high time you consider using neutral colors to avoid turning off your potential buyers. Whites and tans are advisable since they will make the buyer focus on the space of the rooms and not the colors on the walls.

Let there be light

Allow in the as much light as possible, especially natural light from the windows. Lighten up dim areas with lamps. A well-lit room appears more cheerful and bigger.

Create enough space

Remove excess furniture and items that only make your house appear too busy. Excess furniture will make your house appear smaller than it actually is.

Give the bathroom a spa look

Create a luxurious bathroom that will give a relaxing feeling to your buyer. Just as the spa looks, add some colorful towels, put in bath mats, some scented candles but don’t light them in case the buyer is not fond of certain scents.

Clean the surrounding

Buyers judge the book the cover so don’t make them turn away just after seeing the front entrance. Make sure the exterior looks good, weed your flower beds and trim the plants, replenish the colors and clear up your pathway. A wreath on your front door can work wonders.

The last tip is a golden one. First impression goes a long way, make it count. The exterior will attract or make buyers turn away so you have no choice, spruce it up.

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