Online Casino Games Loved by Canadians

Canadians are among the most crazily gambling people in the world. Together with Australia and a few other countries, Canada is in the top lines of the list of states where gambling, especially online gambling, is insanely popular.

Canada is also among few countries where the government does not try to prohibit this activity, but instead, they are looking forward to embracing it, allowing the people to entertain, while the businesses can operate and pay taxes. The best thing is that an impressive chunk of the taxes is spent on regional development, sports, and charity. On the other hand, the government pays close attention to Responsible Gambling practices, and develops problem gambling centers and facilities to prevent negative influence of gambling on society in the long term.

If you are wondering why gambling is even so popular, well, different reasons are speculated upon, but probably it is just a combination of factors.

Why Canada Is Mad About Gambling

The most adequate answer to the question is probably because gambling has been part of Canada since the dawn of times. It was not brought by the immigrants – not exactly. Natives already had their own gambles which were important in social and even religious terms.

The immigrants from Europe brought to Canada the casinos as we know them today – the table games, the fruit machines, etc. Moreover, Canada was all about gambling when the gold was found early in the previous century. Therefore, we should not be surprised about the popularity of betting in the country, and the fact that so many games are enjoyed on a regular basis.


Slots is always the top choice. Be it free online slots or slots games played for real money, slots machines and later online slots have always been the most favourite gamble. The reasons are very simple. Slots are numerous and abundant; among software developing companies such as Microgaming casino provider, everyone makes slot software. Next, these gambles are super easy to play, as the rules and mechanics are simple. Moreover, slots depend purely on chance, so no skill is really needed for success.

Themes used for slots are very different and exciting. One can play slot games in the same casino all day, and never get bored, because there are thousands of slots games titles, literally. Some of them are extremely beautiful and visually satisfying.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are also slots, but the odds are different. Progressive Jackpots accumulate the sum of the win during all play sessions, by all players, across different platforms, and everyone has a chance to make bank. No wonder progressive jackpots are insanely popular with Canadians.


Roulette has been in good graces of Canadians since the Gold Rush times. Roulette online casinos, pretty much as back in those old days, is rather similar to slots – simple rules, easy to play, no specific skills needed. The only difference is that Roulette games are not very varied. There are maybe around 20 variations in total, across all online casinos. However, the game is exciting, and can be enjoyed with other punters at the table, which is definitely an advantage for sociable Canadians. Even if one plays online, they can play at Live Dealer games lobby and therefore communicate with other bettors.

Card Games

Card games are another favourite category of casino gambles across the globe – and Canadian punters are not an exception. They enjoy Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Poker and Live Dealer Poker most of all. In contrast to other preferred games, Card games require skill and a certain experience in playing. Even Video Poker has to be played with keeping some strategies in mind, in order to increase the chances of winning. Many Canadian punters who prefer land based casinos to play Table games, often improve their skills at online casinos in their spare time.

Final Thoughts

Punters of Canada are pretty pampered in the terms of games choice and availability. Because their government allows them unlimited access to any web casino, locals can choose among hundreds of platforms and thousands of games. However, the preferences still stay the same, be it offline or online.