Make an Old Car Look Shiny Again

There is an old proverb saying that clothes make the man. Cars are really no different. If you want to look sharp and tidy, you have to keep your four-wheeler the same. Of course, keeping the daily driver in good shape goes way beyond this argument. Cars are still considered a substantial purchase – reselling them for a decent price means you have to put some effort into their maintenance. So, let’s take a look at some of the moves you can make to restore your favorite four-wheeler to its former glory.

Give it a proper washing

Car washing looks like a fairly simple matter, but only on paper. The problem is, putting your vehicle through the same soapy water and sponge treatment is not enough – especially if you are living in the areas that are exposed to extensive sand particles like parts of Australia or USA. That is why you have to go the extra mile. Start by using two buckets instead of one (the one with the soap water and the other for rinsing), and swap the sponge for wool or sheepskin.

Use the claying treatment

Once your car is properly washed, you can proceed to claying. Essentially, claying is the process in which you remove dust and dirt particles by applying the clay to the vehicle’s exterior surface. Once the clay overlay is removed, the mentioned particles are removed as well. In order to make this work, though, you will need to properly towel the car after the washing. Also, try to use only the fine grade clay bars coupled with a bottle of matching lubricating spray (preferably from the same manufacturer).

Wax on, wax off

It’s good both for the well-being of your car and for the development of your karate skills. Putting the bad ‘80s puns aside, waxing the car is incredibly important, even if we completely take the shiny new look out of the equation. Applying a fresh layer of wax over the exterior of the vehicle will provide an additional layer of protection against dirt, debris, oxidation, weather and ultra-violet rays making the further maintenance much easier. Just don’t forget, waxing should be performed on a completely dry surface, in firm circular motions.

Don’t forget to take care of the interior

And now that we’ve covered the exterior, it’s time to move into the vehicle. Cleaning the cloth, leather, and floor mats inside the car is an entirely different beast, so it should be left to professionals. The services of a complete interior and exterior cleaning are becoming very affordable, though – if we take a short trip back to Australia, we can see that professional car detailing in Sydney has been rising in popularity over the last couple of years. You really have no excuse to let your seats look shabby.

Replace the wheels

Although they are not that big, wheels are an incredibly important part of the car’s look. Seriously, who can resist the look of fresh steel rims rolling down the road? Of course, wheels don’t only improve the visual impression of your vehicle – damaged rims can seriously compromise the safety of the driver. Furthermore, this affordable upgrade does an excellent job of improving the car’s resell value. If you’ve passed the point of 40,000 kilometers from the last intervention, consider a new set of wheels a must.

These were the six simple tips that should help you restore your four-wheeler to its former glory. We could go on and on about new paint and accessories you could throw into the equation, but they are really a matter of personal taste. These are the essentials. So, don’t let the people judge you by the look of the car – give it some much-deserved love.