Introducing Pokie Safety

The online casino industry has been victim of its own success: alongside reliable and honest websites has appeared dozens of rogue traders, who are desperate to lure Internet users and extort money. But alongside these obvious concerns, exists an infinitely more insidious aspect associated with any casino gaming… Gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction rivals with drug dependency and alcoholism in terms of negative social impact. It affects not only the player, but his or her entire family and even friends as well. The Australian Government reports that about 500,000 Australians are either at risk of developing a gambling addiction or are already addicted. According to Pokies Palace, a leading online resource for players, 1 in 6 Australian pokie players is experiencing serious problems with this form of gambling. Let’s face it; we all believe that we are stronger than the next guy and that the game won’t get us… The allure of a multi-million dollar win can be extremely attractive for any of us and the desire to continue for ‘just a little while’ may easily become overpowering.

But by following a set of rules, one can protect his or herself from the insidious effects that can result from playing online pokies. One characteristic of successful gamblers is their formidable discipline. We often see poker pros describe their remarkable routines, and these involve specific sets of rules. So what can we do to continue enjoying our favourite online pokies in maximum safety? Here’s a list of tips to keep you out of trouble:

  1. Bet the extra, and only the extra

The first rule of being a successful player is to only spend a portion of your disposable income. This should come after all your needs have been met and never involve sums you keep for essentials things in your life, such as rent/mortgage, food, medical expenses, savings, etc. The money wagered on pokies must be coming from your entertainment budget, therefore not essential and on equal footing as sums for restaurants and movies.

  1. Set limits

Set limits in both money and time played. Allocate a certain amount from your entertainment budget per month and divide it into the number of days you wish to play, and stick to it. Also remember to set a time limit… Playing all night won’t contribute to making a successful member of society out of you. Time is the most precious asset that all of us have and quality sleep comes in close second.

  1. Healthy body, healthy mind

You want to be playing with a clear, rested and focused mind. This is key characteristic of champion poker players that will enable you to make the most sensible decision. Surprisingly, many of the poker pros have amazingly healthy lifestyles. It’s therefore important to adopt these healthy habits, such as having regular and sufficient sleep, avoiding alcohol and smoking, having a clean diet and enjoying regular exercise.

  1. It’s a game, after all

Remember that a pokie is a game, not a job, and in order to continue viewing it as a game, you must approach it with light heartedness and fun.

  1. Casinos are in the money business

Become aware that the odds are, and will always be set against you. This is particularly true with pokies, where you have little input on the outcome. That’s just the way casinos work… They are there to make money and always do.

  1. Know when to stop

You’ve just won a $10,000 jackpot! Congratulations! You’ve beaten the odds. But you now feel incredibly lucky and there’s nothing stopping you! Yes there is… The odds. Now is the moment to remember about your allocated time and budget limit; respect these and remember that discipline is the key characteristic of all successful gamblers.