Find The Right Trampoline For Your Family

For many families around the world, it can be difficult finding new and inventive ways to keep children who occupied outside, getting much needed exercise. Many families may find themselves considering purchasing an outdoor trampoline in order to provide their children with a constructive outdoor activity. Trampolines can be a great way of encouraging a child to put down their smartphone or to step away from their video game consoles in order to go outside and have fun. Arguably a child that has a trampoline waiting for them in their backyard will have something to look forward to when they are inevitably asked by their parents to spend some outside time. If you are a parent who routinely struggles to get your kids outdoors, there is some good news.

Springfree Trampoline earned its reputation for producing a safe trampoline alternative by meeting and exceeding the safety regulations that have been established for trampoline manufacturers. The models are designed with flexible rods that are hidden beneath the surface so that they cannot injure jumpers. The hard metal frame has been built underneath the surface of the trampoline rather than being built on the same horizontal frame as the jumping mat. With the rods and the frame tucked away below the mat, serious injuries are nearly mitigated all together. And with the new tgoma digital game system, children will want to play outside more than ever before. The game system takes screen time outdoors making it active again, and allows children to play while they learn with games like Repeat Street, and adults will love the tgomaFit fitness tracker that allows them to set goals and get in shape.

Winning consumer awards is not only an honor for a company to be recognized for its achievements but it is also a sign of the company’s commitment to providing the best products and service that it possibly can. To that end, Springfree Trampoline has been awarded a number of accolades that speak to the quality of its products. In 2013 it received Toyology Outdoor Toy Award, an accolade that is judged by children and teenagers as well as media professionals, educational professionals and parents. It received The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and The US Family Choice Award as well. And in 2016, their incorporation of the tgoma app won it a Digital Design award at the Australian Good Design Awards.

Owning a trampoline can be a great tool for promoting for promoting a child’s health by getting them in the habit of doing some physical activity every day. It can also be an activity that the whole family can participate in and can serve as a great tool for connecting with neighbors and other children who may live in the neighborhood.