How a Serviced Apartment Can Make Temporary Relocation to Belfast for Work More Affordable and Comfortable

Have you recently taken the plunge and applied for a temporary job relocation with your company that will have you moving to Belfast? Perhaps it’s a way to work up the corporate ladder, try a new job and learn new skills, or just a chance to discover a new town, city, or country. Being relocated for work whether by choice or not is something that many people will experience at some point or another.

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While there will obviously be a lot of excitement and even a little stress about your new job, another thing that weighs on peoples’ minds is how they can relocate to Belfast and set down comfortable roots in an affordable way. This is exactly when it’s well worth your time to look at the many benefits a serviced apartment in Belfast can make for you.

You Won’t Have to Move as Much “Stuff”

First off, because the apartment is serviced, you won’t have the added stress and expense of moving all your furniture to Belfast. Serviced apartments are meant to be moved into right away with all the furnishings, decor, and extras you will need already in place. If you are moving from far away, the cost of moving items like big furniture can add up real fast, so this fact alone is enough to take notice of.

As for what the typical cost is to move. If you are looking at moving the contents of your full house you are looking at around €1,350 for removal costs. This would include house removal with packing and disassembly.

Serviced Apartments Tend to be Located in Prime Areas of the City

Another bonus is the fact these serviced apartments tend to be in some of the best areas of the city. These types of accommodations appeal to business people, such as yourself, who are looking for a temporary place to stay. With that in mind, the locations tend to be near the business district, and within the downtown vicinity. This makes commuting easy and fast.

Take, for example, the serviced apartments in Belfast through Dream Apartments, Dream apartments offer more than 100 different units spread out over five central locations.

Get More Space for Less Money

It’s also interesting to do a comparison between a typical basic hotel room versus a serviced apartment for the same length of time. Often the serviced apartment comes out cheaper, and you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck. You will have more space since it is a full apartment, you’ll have a full kitchen so you don’t have to spend money eating out all the time, a separate living and bedroom space, and often laundry facilities within the unit or on-site.

Depending on the unit you may also have extra amenities in the building that you can make use of.

Making the Move a Little Easier

At the end of the day, a serviced apartment can not only save you a lot of money and stress but can make the move easier in general.