Signs Your Money Woes Are Impacting Your Mental Health

Everyone gets a little on edge when the topic of finances comes up. Unless the outcome is receiving more money, talking or even thinking about things like bills, debt, and other expenses can turn a few hairs grey. This is especially true when you’re finances aren’t in order. For many individuals who have fallen into a vicious debt cycle, their money woes get so bad that it results in a decline in their mental health.

Money-related stress, anxiety, and depression are more common than not these days. As the average household struggles to make ends meet, it becomes increasingly challenging to sustain a living while keeping debts at a manageable limit. As they continue to stress about their finances, it intensifies their emotions which, if experienced long enough, could result in mental health problems.

It may be hard to detect the difference between typical financial stress and mental illness that needs to be treated. So, here are a few signs to look out for in your own life.

Spending When You’re Down

When you receive a late notice, past due balance, or other notification about an outstanding debt, how do you respond? If you decide to go shopping as a way to cheer yourself up, this is a sign that your financial stress is getting the best of you. There is a temporary high that comes from purchasing new things, but it only puts you in a deeper financial hole (and the increased desire to keep chasing that high through unnecessary shopping).

You Can’t Get Any Sleep

Stress forces the body into fight or flight mode which boosts adrenaline and the stress hormone known as cortisol. When this happens, it makes it challenging for the mind and body to rest very long. If you find yourself up in the wee hours of the night stressing over your finances, this is a warning that it is impacting your emotional well-being.

You’re Using Substances to Cope

If you’re so overwhelmed by your finances that you drink, smoke, or use other substances to numb the pain, you have a serious problem. Though these vices may make you feel at ease with your circumstances at the moment, they are not a permanent solution. The more you abuse these substances, the more it costs, which also adds to your debt issue. It also impacts your health as you could quickly become addicted and have to enroll in a Santa Ynez adolescent rehab for treatment.

Your Relationships Are Suffering

Finances can ruin relationships faster than just about any other source. If you’re constantly arguing with your significant other over the distribution of money or how to pay down debts, this could cause a strain on your relationship. If you’ve borrowed money from a friend or family member and haven’t repaid them yet, this could put distance between you. There’s also the fact that when you have less money, you aren’t able to experience life as you should which can put a strain on your relationship with yourself and others.

Lots of people struggle with their finances – and it can be stressful. Trying to support a family, afford general expenses, and pay down debts is a lot to juggle and, at times, it can weigh on you emotionally. Be that as it may, if you get to a point where you’re recklessly spending, not getting enough sleep, self-medicating, or ruining relationships over your money woes, you have to make changes for the better. This means learning how to beat stress and debt so that you control the money and the money no longer controls you.