Getting A Job as a Croupier: Top Tips

A croupier is a person who works in a casino to oversee the way games are being played on the tables. They are also referred to as dealers. They manage the games and ensure that bets and payouts are done according to the house rules.

Croupiers are also responsible for explaining rules of the house and of the game to beginners, whilst guiding them through the game processes as they learn the ropes ensuring a smooth flow of games as they are being played. It is also their responsibility to deal with the cards at the poker tables, and to turn the roulette balls and dices. They also are part of the security systems in the casino and should keep an eye on patrons who have the intention of cheating and the general safety of the place. It is also a little-known find work as a croupier at online casinos such as gold rush slots one of many site that offer live casino games with real dealers.

Working as a croupier can be an entertaining and enjoyable job because it is fun being in a casino. Also, you learn to play games and know how to win them; therefore it can be a very lucrative job. The salaries and benefits are also great because the gaming industry earns a lot of money and it has to be shared among the workers of the casinos.

To get a job as a croupier, here are a few tips:

Personal Attributes

Croupier jobs favour people who have a passion for the industry and show great interest. To start out, you do not need much experience as you can start off with an assistant and junior role and work your way up while on the job.

You only need basic education and communication skills to start off. You will be spending almost all of your time interacting with people and you must, therefore, be outgoing, good-hearted, eager to please and funny. Your patrons will expect to have conversations with you as they play the game and you should keep them happy and content.

Also, you will need to be tactful, be a fast thinker and make quick mental calculations. Casinos are busy places where patrons come to have fun. There are a lot of transactions to make and you should be able to respond to patron’s queries quickly and do the math fast enough to enable them to make quick decisions.

Finally, you must be able to handle issues professionally. There are issues and disputes that may come up in your line of work that requires your decision and discretion. Whenever such issues come, you should be impartial and handle them in a way that both wrangling parties feel that the decision has the best outcome for them. This requires wisdom and wit in handling issues.

Working Hours

Casinos never close down and you will most likely work in shifts so be prepared for working at night and sometimes during the day. The schedule may favor you if you have other commitments such as collage work and you can take the job on a part-time basis. However, you may be required to work long hours during peak seasons when there are many tourists coming and the casino is busier. This happens mostly during summer when people travel to relax on the beaches. In this case, you must have the physical and mental endurance to work standing for long hours.


You may get some training and there are some training schools that offer training for about 3 months, which is basically teaching you how to work on the games in a casino. You will also learn general etiquette of how to handle patrons, how to dress and how to carry yourself while at work. While you may also learn on the job, most casino managers would love to recruit someone who has a basic knowledge of the operations of a casino.

Job Application

Go through job descriptions of croupier jobs and see what employers are looking for. By this time, you will have learned the basic requirements of the job, the approximate salary and the benefits. While the salary is quite good, you will also be in a position to make more money when you learn and start playing games yourself during your free time.

Once you are comfortable that you match the skills required in job advertisements, start sending out job applications to potential casino owners.

You will most likely be contacted for an interview process. When successful, be ready to learn by offering yourself to help whenever needed to. If you have these attributes, you will certainly have a great career.