Dealing with the high costs of smoking – Is it only financial or there’s more to it?

The costs of smoking tobacco cigarettes is not just a regular financial cost that you have to bear but it can also lead to higher costs of life and health insurance, hefty healthcare expenses due to the smoking-induced diseases and the exposure of your loved ones to the second-hand smoke which can also have an adverse impact on their health. Smoking cigarettes is a costly habit where an average cigarette smoker has to incur hefty cost to sustain an unhealthy lifestyle and the costs which don’t relate to the smoker. There are several negative impacts of smoking cigarette to your body, to the society, to your immediate family and to the economy as a whole.

The most obvious cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes is the regular, weekly and monthly financial cost. Cigarettes will cost an average $4 per pack and if you smoke a total pack of cigarettes in a day, this will cost you $4 everyday. The money that you spend on smoking cigarettes could lead to $1500 in a year. Can you imagine all the other things that you could do with this amount of money? The cost of smoking cigarettes is not just financial as there’s more to it.

Apart from having to incur the financial costs, there are also several other costs of smoking cigarettes which are not financial. The total number of smoking induced diseases like respiratory issues, cancer and heart issues increase your treatment costs every year and also decrease your life expectancy rate by around 10-15 years. Once you incur such hefty medical expenses, they have to be addressed at the right time and these health care services are definitely not cheap. If the cigarette smoker is forced to be admitted in the hospital, he will also suffer from lost productivity. Hence the smoker’s earning capability will also decline due to his deteriorating health.

Due to the fumes and the smoke, the environment of the smoker will also get hampered. If the smoker has a personal car, this is the only place where he could light up a cigarette comfortably. Although there will be still risk of accumulating ashes, of the smell and of the upholstery getting burnt, the same will be the risk when you light up a cigarette in your house. Moreover, cigarettes are a high-risk product as long as initiating a fire is concerned. There have been reports of countless fires which have originated from a lit cigarette.

It is very unfortunate that there is always a sense of helplessness when it comes to addressing smoking cigarettes and its side impacts. A person, who is suffering from cancer which has been developed due to smoking, should always remember the burden of this bad habit. Hence, it is better to start vaping after going through the reviews that you find at online resources like