Blac Chyna uses Rob Kardashian for money

It is not clear why celebrities fall in love and get married. However what is certainly clear from their behavior is that their marriages are usually short lived. They divorce after being married for a short while and with too many problems to face. After ending things with Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian recently accused his ex-Chyna of using him for money on Instagram. He recently posted many photos of his ex. Rob Kardashian is accusing his ex of cheating him.

There is chatter on social media that started as a result of the video that Kardashian sent. In the video, Chyna was kissing an unknown man. What is interesting about Chyna and Kardashian’s story is that Chyna is still looking for financial help from Rob regardless of the fact that she has been cheating him. Rob Kardashian explained on social media that he has never cheated on Chyna ever since they were in love.

Rob even posted a message that showed one of his conversations with Chyna and the man she was cheating Kardashian with. The conversation revealed several business plans by this unknown man. He is actually trying to cope up with Chyna’s luxurious life but it is evident that he cannot. The same unknown man later wrote Kardashian a message asking him to help with Chyna’s bills. It’s quite surprising that Rob Kardashian is still paying for Chyna’s expenses even though they are no longer together. There is no reason for him to be paying Chyna’s bills if they are not together. Rob actually posted on the social media that more of Chyna’s bills are still coming. Rob is actually paying for the house that Chyna and her new man are currently staying in.

On Instagram, Rob posted something that explained that he did the down payment on the Rolls and on the car that Chyna’s mom owns. Part of the same post on instagram said that Rob, in the last two months spent close to a million dollars on Chyna. He bought her necklaces worth more than $90,000 and a $70,000 watch. Figures most of us only see being won at the best online casino, try maple online slots and win big. He also bought the Ferrari that Chyna pretends to have bought herself with her own money. Rob has to spend his money only the baby. The new guy that Chyna is dating has to maintain Chyna’s luxurious life and leave Rob alone.

It wiser to spend money on family and friends rather than on ex’s that no longer care about you.