Benefits of Opting for Solar Energy in Your Home

Living in the times of global warming and evident detrimental effects of climate changes, it’s never been more urgent to take action and save our planet from an environmental catastrophe. There are many ways we can take and a lot we can do to give our contribution to the global cause of preserving the only home we have.

One path is abandoning fossil fuels and turning towards sustainable energy sources. Energy bills in Australia and many countries around the globe and constantly on the rise, so solar energy seems like the most practical and logical choice. Having one of the highest rates of the year-round sun in the world, Australian homes have an amazing opportunity to reap benefits from solar power.

Here are the top advantages of opting for solar energy in your home.

An environmentally friendly energy source

Probably the easiest and most practical way of giving your contribution to a more sustainable future of our planet is using eco-friendly energy sources. Since most of us aren’t really in the position to personally save rain forests, clean oceans and arrest illegal poachers, at least by opting for clean energy we can start making a difference.

Solar energy is a self-sufficient and sustainable energy source that is free of any greenhouse gasses emissions. It doesn’t utilize any other resources and with only a small 1kW solar system, you can prevent the release of a staggering 1.5 tonnes of carbon a year!

Major energy bill savings

One of the first noticeable benefits of installing a 5kW solar system in your home is the effect it will have on your energy bill. A system like this that offers you a clean and sustainable energy solution will cut your electricity bill by an impressive amount every month.

Understandably, installing a solar system does require an initial investment but in the long run, it becomes free. These panels pay for themselves with all the savings they enable and even though you might have to wait a few years, the effects are visible in the end.


An affordable, long-term investment

In recent years, there has been a significant drop in the cost of solar system installation when compared to those from a decade ago due to a highly competitive market that keeps driving the prices down. The industry is experiencing a boom all over the world and homeowners are taking the advantage.

Moreover, there are many generous government incentives and grants that help finance the initial investment and allow you to pay off the sum in various payment options. The moment you start using your solar system, you start saving money and supporting the preservation of the environment.

The road to independence

Traditional electricity production relies heavily on fossil fuels which is not only harmful to the environment but also a limited resource. This is the reason why the energy market is so volatile and the prices unstable.

With solar power, you are on the road to becoming energy independent. A solar system in your home can protect you from unpredictable rises in utility prices as the sun gives you free energy and security. Technically speaking, you have independent status as your solar battery storage can also store electricity for rainy days and night time.

In addition to producing electricity for your own home, your power surplus can be fed back to the grid and you can be credited for the power you produce.

Solar power is a great way to gain more financial freedom and independence, lead a healthier, greener lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint.