8 Reasons to Start Crafting in 2021

8 Reasons to Start Crafting in 2021

Crafting has had a bit of a resurgence over the last year, as we’ve all looked for new ways to spend time at home or to pass the time happily. While many of us had left arts and crafts behind with childhood, suddenly adults everywhere are getting the knitting needles out, having a go at adult colouring or creating their own jewellery. If you haven’t already given crafting a go, don’t worry, it’s not too late and you certainly don’t need the excuse of a national lockdown or global pandemic to get started. Here’s a look at 8 of the reasons why you should start crafting in 2021.

It’s Relaxing

The main reason why arts and crafts hobbies have been so popular in 2020 is that they are relaxing. You don’t need any special talents to craft, you don’t even need to be particularly artistic to lose yourself in a craft. It’s a great way to ease tension, forget worries and find a little peace.

Crafting Can Improve Your Confidence

Doing something with tangible results can be a great confidence boost. You’ll get to learn new skills and improve, which can give you a sense of achievement.

There’s No Limit to What You Can Create

With colourful craft supplies from sites like reallymaria.com, there’s no limit to what you can create other than your imagination. Online guides are a great place to get started, but then you can let your imagination run riot as you explore your creativity. With crafts, there are no rules, which is something that appeals to many of us.

There’s Something for Everyone

There are so many crafts. Even people that struggle with anything artistic can try colouring or painting by numbers. There’s something for every ability or interest, and you can even try crafts relating to your other hobbies.

It’s a Cheap Hobby

Some hobbies are very expensive and incur plenty of additional costs. Crafting can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. If you’ve got a notepad and some coloured pens, you can create something.

You Could Make New Friends

There are crafting groups online, and offline all over the world. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people and enjoy time together. Even if you only ever talk online, any kind of socialisation is important.

You Could Earn Some Money

Of course, for some, crafting becomes much more than just a hobby. If you are talented, it could become a lucrative side hustle or even a small business. Selling things on Etsy is a great way to get started with making money from your crafts.

Crafting Can Boost Your Focus and Concentration

During lockdown, many of us have struggled to focus or concentrate for long periods. This can affect your work, your productivity and even your ability to enjoy a good film or book. Focusing on a craft can improve your ability to concentrate for longer periods.

Perhaps the best reason to start crafting, however, is that it’s fun. It’s a great way to pass the time, being creative and getting a little messy. In short, a little crafting never hurt anyone, so why not give it a go?