4 Productivity Tips For Work From Home Mothers


Being a stay-at-home mom and having a career used to be two mutually exclusive choices for most people. Fortunately, with remote working and online businesses becoming common, you can easily work from home while keeping an eye on the little one.

This is a commendable choice, but it sure doesn’t leave much time for work-at-home mothers to fulfill their goals! In fact, such mothers may long for the discipline and the perceived productivity of an office environment.

If distractions and commitments are stopping you from getting a whole lot done, there are different ways to boost your productivity while working from home and being there for the kids.

1. Make A (Feasible) Schedule


You may hate the idea of schedules, timetables, and the like, especially if you have little kids. As we all know, every day is different. However, there should be some semblance of a routine to get any proper work done at home.

Make a timetable from a spreadsheet template you can find here. Try it for a week. If it works, stick with it. Even if you only have a short time where you have to simply sit down and work, it’s worth having it in writing. You can create your own office hours when other family members would know not to disturb you.

2. Catch The Early Hours

You may moan that you’re not a morning person, but science may motivate you to get up! Studies say that the very beginning of the day is actually the best time to get things done.

Think about it: you’ve had your beauty sleep, no one is awake to distract you; and no doorbells or phones are likely to ring. The air is pure, fresh, and clean, and you get to have that first fresh cup of coffee.

In this time, you can get stuff done in one hour that would normally take three! Make a Delaware business entity search, get started on a business idea, or start preparing for the day.

3. Expect Flexibility

Just because you have a set routine doesn’t mean it’s always going to stay that way. The kids are getting older, their needs are changing, and so will their schedules.

You once had free time when the toddlers went to bed, but older kids would demand help with homework and other activities. Empty your nighttime for your family and seek out some other free slot, because this one’s taken!

Once you get into the habit of shifting things around, you’ll get more done. Stressing over new activities every few months simply wastes your time and energy.

4. Get Your Downtime

Between working on your career and being a mom, you may end up compromising on the most important thing: yourself. For instance, you may think that you can just cut a few hours of sleep to get that project done.

Don’t do this because this may simply burn you out and cause some serious frustration. All that stress isn’t good for your health, your family, or your sanity. Invest time in activities that help eliminate burnout.