4 Benefits to Having a Home Heat Recovery System

For homeowners who like their creature comforts and wish to save money at the same time, home heat recovery systems have much to recommend them. There are some key benefits which don’t necessarily come with other heating systems that a home could have installed.

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We’ll now look at four of the benefits to having a heat recovery system installed at home.

1. Energy Efficient

With a heat recovery system, it improves the energy efficiency of the home. Heat is captured and distributed using a sophisticated computerised process. A series of ducts help to transfer new air into other parts of the home once the captured heat has been extracted from each room.

Spreading warmth throughout the property avoids the need to run the heating everywhere. It also makes other rooms more comfortable. A keypad provides the control to redirect heat into different rooms to match when you’ll be using them. This helps to avoid having to turn on the heating in the bedroom after you’ve gone to bed when the temperature drops.

2. Filtered, Clean Air

Air in the home becomes stale over time. It picks up the odours and pollutants that have been tracked in or have flown in from outside the property. Left unchecked, these pollutants can cause irritation and eventually a strong allergic reaction to people living there who have highly sensitive respiratory systems, e.g. someone with asthma.

Using a heat recovery system, air is received from outside the property and filtered for pollutants. Once it’s cleaned, the retained heat from the extracted air is added to the filtered new air. This process continues at a low level while the system is set to operate. For anyone who has allergies and is overly sensitive, the air filtration system with heat recovery is far better than a room dehumidifier.

3. Eliminates Condensation & Humidity

Living in an area where there’s considerable condensation in the morning or high humidity levels, it’s noticeable just how much moisture is present in each room. Left unchecked, the higher moisture levels may cause health problems down the road. The walls and some other parts of the foundational structure of the home also don’t respond well to damp conditions. A heat recovery system pulls out the moisture from the air before it becomes a problem for the homeowner.

4. Reduces the Carbon Footprint

Due to the filtration systems in place, there’s less carbon dioxide produced when running a heat recovery system in the home. Levels aren’t allowed to build up which makes the product a good one for anyone who cares about the environment. This compares to a simple AC unit that’s not anywhere near as carbon neutral. The reduced energy usage also looks good for the environment because energy production affects the carbon footprint too. Clean energy is a nice catchphrase, but it’s rarely the truth.

A home heat recovery system provides an alternative to other options for improving air quality and providing efficient heating systems. It’s like a dehumidifier, but it works across the whole property.