How To Know It’s Time To Get A Divorce

Even if the words come as a surprise if you are asked for a divorce, when you really think about it, the signs have probably been there for a long time. There are certain signs and signals that could indeed suggest that you at least think about ending your marriage – you need to be happy and in a loving relationship in order to thrive, and if that is not happening, you could become unwell. The following signs may not mean the end, but they certainly mean that something needs to be done if you want to save your relationship.


In a healthy, happy relationship, you and your spouse will hold each other up; you will be on one another’s side. In a damaged relationship, you will instead criticize one another constantly. Or perhaps just one of you is doing the criticizing, and the other has to take it all. Either way, this is not a good way to live and will mean that you feel less worthy, less happy, and less confident in your own abilities.

Too much criticism can easily spell the end of a relationship, although it may take a while to realize just what is happening.


Many couples try a trial separation before they decide to head for a divorce. In some cases, this can bring them closer together, but in others, it can show them they are happier and better off on their own. This can be a good way to determine whether you want to or are able to save your marriage and will help you to make the right decision regarding your next step.

Having a solicitor for separation agreements help you to make everything legal and fair and see what happens. It will point you in one of two directions, and reconciliation or divorce are the next stages, depending on what you find happens during your separation.

You Put Your Children First

Initially, this sounds like a good thing – it sounds like the natural thing that a parent would do. However, if it happens all the time, then your marriage will suffer. You will no longer want to spend time with your spouse, but instead, spend all of your time with your children. It is important, for everyone, to spend time away from your children, to spend time with your spouse alone, or even spend time by yourself.

If your children are such a priority that you no longer feel you need your spouse around, then you could be leading towards a divorce.

You Have Different Needs

Compromise is an important part of marriage, but sometimes it is difficult to do, and that is especially the case when it comes to intimacy. If one partner expects more and the other wants to give less, problems can occur. This can lead to frustration and even anger, and there may be a resentment that lingers – one of the pair will feel as though they are being ignored, and the other will feel pressured. This is not a good way to have a marriage.

The key here is either to compromise or to end the relationship. Talking is crucial and will help you to decide what to do.