How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Developing a drug dependence isn’t a sign of weakness and takes a great deal of willpower to overcome the issue. Substance abuse disorder can make alterations in the brain which can cause cravings and makes sobriety seem like a goal that just cannot be achieved. However, with the correct treatment and support, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You’re likely to experience many bumps in the road, but with the right amount of determination, you will get there eventually, regardless of how long it may take.

If you’re looking to overcome drug addiction, what can you do about it?

1. Decide to make a change

According to, heroin use has doubled in users between the ages of 18-25 in the US alone since 2005, while 45 percent of individuals are also addicted to prescription painkillers. It’s important to be aware that you’re not alone with your disorder, but to get yourself on the right path, you need to make a promise to yourself to make that change. One of the toughest steps within the entire process is to admit that you have a disorder. Committing to sobriety will force you to make a number of changes in your life, such as the likes of how you deal with stress and emotion, how you manage your free time and how you feel about yourself.

It’s important to keep track of your active usage, so you understand the severity of your disorder while considering how your addiction is hurting your closest relationships.

2. Explore treatment options

Once you’ve made the decision that you no longer want drugs to be a part of your life, look over which treatment options are available to you. There are several possibilities to research; many of which are often specific to the type of drugs you’re using. Options include:


Usually, the first step is to flush out the drugs from the system (which can take between 5-7 days) and manage any withdrawal symptoms with professional help. Drugs such as the likes of heroin can be an extremely challenging drug to stop using; however, it’s not impossible. With detox help from a rehab center in MS, you will go through the process of detoxification safely and effectively. Here is detailed information on managing withdrawal from the likes of heroin.

Behavioral counseling

It may be the case that behavioral counseling is needed, as a way of finding out what triggered the drug use initially. It’s likely you’ll also be advised on how to repair broken relationships and learn coping methods. According to Harvard University, positive phycology exercises can boost the mood to promote happiness and improve the chances of long-term recovery.

3. Find support

Everyone who has the aim to stop drugs should have someone to lean on during the process of getting sober; whether it be friends, family or professionals who have your best interests at heart. If most of your connections are people struggling with drug dependency, it may be wise to move on from those circles and consider how you can make new friends.

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